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CPScps corruption

I would've said that I have a story that no one could ever believe unless you have lived it but, chances are if you got here the same way I did, you're living or have lived something similar. I can't sit here and tell all, it would end up the size of a full novel, but I will tell you this: my entire family, as well as, extended family have been mistreated and abused by the Family Courts and associated workers headed by, none other than, the evil CPS crew. I will also clarify that I know there are CPS workers whom truly mean well, but they are so much fewer than the corrupted worker and to them, I am sorry. I have been threatened with my children, forced to do things under extreme duress and coercion for things that weren't alleged and without reasonable suspicion. My children were removed without a court order and I had to wait from December 6th until February 27th to go in front of the Judge. I was not given a proper defense attorney as I am legally entitled, and the Judge was blatantly biased. I shattered both my legs in an auto accident and am currently financially unable to pay for proper defense, which has been used in a major way. I have endured having to hear suicidal cries over the phone from my first-born of 6, a typically strong, intelligent, witty, happy 15-year-old child. We weren't even 'allowed' to be talking but, who could ignore their Childs phone calls? Especially when they had been admitted to the hospital 2 times during the 2 weeks at a foster home. My babies soul was broken, I could hear the pain in their voice. Here I sit, in a car, ready to face whatever consequences may come my way, I have to help my child but I don't know where to go... I beg and I plead. I tell them how much I love them and it will all be ok soon... I couldn't hold my child, my heart was in my stomach, I could barely breathe. It is a pain that I hope no one ever has to endure. I think, call the police and explain the situation because they can find her. Saying that you need to know that this whole nightmare started because I called the police to ask for assistance in a verbal altercation between myself and my paramour of 8 years, yes, an argument. I recorded the calls, I have the text messages, we even called the emergency CPS line for help, we got none. Luckily, my baby pulled through, calmed down, and is ok. My kids are still not home but are with family now, thank God! There hasn't been a single effort made by CPS to keep my family intact or to reunify. The CPS worker lied on the stand, under oath, was caught, but the biased Judge still allowed it. My 2 youngest children have NEVER been away from me... Something has got to give. The case is a mess, and nobody knows what is going on... We need a divine intervention, a miracle. Everything I claim IS based on factual evidence (court documentation, audio, video, text, police body cam footage, open records, case plans, medical, and educational records, etc...) My story contains much more and needs to be told, but I need help doing so. You may contact me via email at [protected]@anonymousspeech.com and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.

CPSMonet Taylor

This woman came to my home. She was nice until she was done. I took a mouth swab and passed. I did the saftey plan even though I refuse to work with them any longer. Because she tells me one thing like withhold the child. And now they pretend they are on everyone's side me and my ex the father had just got thing working and she is no longer on the case. Molly CPS manager is doing the same. I am not a threat I physically raised my 5year old.
I should not have to jump through hoops to be with my child that I raised. If they really wanted to help they would stop telling lies and manipulating both parties. This is the Stanford location in Arlington. Molly asked me to work with her she told my child's father to with hold him. CPS cannot tell where you can allow your child to go without signing a legal document. But they do and that's if there is no court order but they can tell you to obey the court order. Theses CPS caseworkers are just trying to get their quotas just like cops. I don't appreciate that they think they can act as the law. Everything they asked I did and now I question opening the door. I really hope something about these power control issue.

CPSinjured my son and falsified information

my Indian child welfare act rights/icwa was violated I told cps to put him in a Indian home and they told me no and that's one of my rights, another they violated was my medical card they accused me of being a marijuana addict but I showed them proof of my medical marijuana card  that I take only for chronic back pain and they still used that against me and I showed proof of that to. cps abused my son I saw bruises with blood on my son's legs and when I touched his legs to see what was wrong he would cry I took pictures and showed the judge and told cps that he is being abused but nothing was done about it..they used my child hood against me from things I did when I was 6 years old which was Pete things that all children do and that's wrong because I'm n adult now.they're also discriminating me because I'm a magellan paient and told me that I'm not smart to take care of a baby a baby but I graduated high school in normal classes  they discriminate against me in court and said I'm to smart to take care of a baby

injured my son and falsified information
injured my son and falsified information
injured my son and falsified information
injured my son and falsified information
injured my son and falsified information


CPSdid not identify themselves

REceived a phone call from a man who wanted me to give him 511.00 over the phone. When I asked for verification of the debt he refused and said it would be put on my credit report. I said if I owed the debt I would be happy to pay $100 a month until paid however he had to verify for me who he was due to identify theft he proceeded to hang up. I had asked for address/website and wanted to know who they were and where they were located and he refused. I then waited a week and called back got the same man who hung up on me and would not verify the info. I then called back and pusht he prompt for address and fax number got a lady who gave me an address and a reference number. I explained that whomever was calling me was not being cooperative and kept hanigng up and due to identify theft I was not about to give some stranger my credit card number over the phone.

  • Th
    th!sman May 10, 2013

    You are playing too nice with dangerous snakes. Stop it. These are pro'ly one of those Indian debt collection scams.

    First never EVER! agree, acknowledge a debt even if you owe with VOD - validation of debt.

    Second if they are legit collectors once you told them to validate the debt they should cease collection efforts by law until they can send you stuff in mail that proves you owe the debt.

    You don't have to call anybody back or nothing. You simply state send me debt verification by mail. If they ask you to confirm your details say nothing but send it to the information you have on file. And get off the phone.

    Validation should be the original contract with your signature on it, all account transactions, including proof that they own the debt and are authorized to collect and/or permission from original creditor assigning the debt to them to collect etc. Nothing short of all that. You can read more on this procedure at debtorboards.com.

    Read up on your rights as a debtor, SOL, FDCPA, FCRA, what do do when contacted by a debt collector, etc

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  • Th
    th!sman May 10, 2013

    BTW if they fail to ID themselves that's a violation of federal law and if you can prove it they can pay you up to $1000 per violation. So record all calls. You live in Texas - it's one party state meaning only one person needs to know the call is being recorded. You don't need the other person's permission to do so. The many violations you can prove the steeper the fine. Then sue them pro se to or get a consumer attorney. Some work on contingency basis and are paid by the defendant.

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  • Always be alert May 17, 2013

    Too true thisman! Snakes they are! Any collection agency who refuses to validate what they claim is bad news! The best way to deal with them is to separate yourself from them as soon as possible! ALWAYS request VOD (in writing) right off the bat. Never disclose anything. ALWAYS make a collection agency prove EVERYTHING they claim. Thisman is right about recording your calls too! Recording your calls with them is an easy way to rack up violations. If they don't know they are being recorded (you don't have to tell the you are) they frequently violate the law on every call. Why do they do this? It's their normal business practice! All they care about is separating you from your hard earned money...by any means they can in a lot of cases. Suing them for violations sends them the message that it's no longer cost effective to pursue you and they will move on to easier targets. Snakes indeed!

    FYI..One of the things I ask for in my VOD requests is proof that said debt collector has the legal standing to demand money from me.

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CPScps took my daughter for being legally prescribed to a certain drug also the case worker knew me for years and didn't like me for her own reasons

hi, I am 25 yrs. old. my daughter is 5 almost 6. I am prescribed subutex through my doctor because of a car accident that they had me on many narcotics for a long while, when I asked to be taken off they said I would experience with drawl an to help they prescribed me the subutex. everything was fine until my mother an father died then a cps worker that has known me my entire life go a case started an took my little girl, my charge in court is just for subutex even though they tested for a year an got no other drug they won't give me my daughter. I live in west Virginia, can they do this? I love my daughter. she was in dance class, both of us were very involved in school, I have a nice 200, 000 dollar home, a great job, I just want my little girl. in the last 3 yrs. my youngest daughter died from an incurable disease ( way before they were ever involved), both my parents have died, and my grandparents, she is all I have an we need each other is there anything I can do? My daughter has always been taken care of and now she is with total strangers and not adjusting well, and she's about to be sent to the 3rd home in a year. Please, please help. I am desperate.

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CPSRude and so unprofessional

I thought that i was the only person being harassed by this company, but i see I'm not. They call my job and leave messages on the answering machine telling everyone that my payment is late. If you take time out to talk to them they talk to you like you are nothing. I will never advise anyone to do any dealing with this company. I have never been treated this way in my whole life. After talking to them i have to take some time to just go cool down and get back focused again. There has to be some type of law against the way they share your business with anyone they talk to. I have had them threaten to repose my car several times after just being a few days late. I just don't understand how they are still in business.

  • Th
    thisman Nov 03, 2012

    I know you all know it's against federal law FDCPA for them to divulge Polite226's financial info to third parties like but you are acting like you would not want that revealed to polite.
    "There has to be some type of law against the way they share your business with anyone they talk to."
    Polite226 Yes they have committed infractions and each is worth $1000 to you if you can prove it. I suggest you obtain all those recordings and consider suing them. Most lawyers will take up your case for free. Their fee will be paid by the offenders. You can also sue per se, it's a simple not complicated process. You have a ripe case, don't waste it. Once you win and collect a couple of $1000 send them back to them to pay off your debt and tell them thanx for ... the money!

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  • Th
    thisman Nov 03, 2012

    CA push you around if they sniff you don't know your rights. So before you engage them to make any arrangement Google these and become an informed consumer.
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

    Now you are ready to engage.
    -Never ever accept/agree/acknowledge you owe/own a debt. First request/demand a VOD. Use CMRRR (you can call but not recommended. Be sure to record the call)
    -Per federal law a VOD must be the original document with your signature on it, not a CA letterhead stating some amounts owed.
    -If your state's SOL is expired on the debt it is noncollectable, you have no more obligation. They can only plead with you to repay. If contacted but you are not interested write a C&D by CMRRR, state SOL is expired and you do not want to be contacted over this debt in any way. You will consider failure to observe that instruction as harassment and you shall seek legal redress against the harassers. CC your state AG, your attorney, FTC, CFPB, etc. all of them.
    -If SOL is not expired, debt is verified then negotiate a settlement (aim for less than a third of what's owed, the longer the debt has been outstanding the better for you)
    -Next obtain a settlement offer letter (it MUST state "PAYMENT OF $xxxx WILL SETTLE THE DEBT IN FULL). DO NOT submit a payment without it PERIOD! If it's not written it didn't happen!
    -If they tell you are you refusing to pay? Say a big fat "YES! No settlement offer letter, no payment, click!"
    -Send payment via CMRRR (or signature required), check or Money Order only, no electronic access to your bank account (They will clean you out.)
    -Upon completion of the debt payment (per settlement offer letter) obtain a letter stating the debt is settled in full.
    -If you get the run around don't worry much hang on to the Settlement Offer Letter, attach it with all your payments proof and keep all those documents for life. They resell your paid off debt and then it's the same collections story all over again from another scammer collector.
    -If they call you too much or call family & friends or work C&D them via CMRRR. State that you do not want to be called at home, cell phone, at work or through family & friends and that you allow communication about this debt once a month, etc., by mail or phone (you choose). And that if these instructions are violated you will seek legal redress against them.
    -If you talk to a CA ALWAYS write down immediately, who called, where from, said what, why, when, what, i.e. everything. This is acceptable evidence in court.
    -If they violate your rights, state or Federal law, sue them. Each violation is worth $1000 to you if you can prove it. Many attorneys will take up your case for free if you have meticulous proof of the violations because the CA will pay their fees. You can also sue pro se - believe it, it's not complicated at all. Just post for guidance at debtorboards.com.
    -Lastly I recommend all comm. with CA be in CMRRR form, ALL. If you must talk on the phone record ALL the calls. You may or not tell them you are recording. (They behave if they know you are). Instead use CMRRR it leaves a paper trail evidence against them that can turn into kaching! for you.

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  • Th
    thisman Nov 03, 2012

    "It is also against federal law to be a low life..."
    Elucidate the statute please. Else you are quite resourceful at making wild baseless claims. It's not against the law to be a low life, a bum, stupid, make wild baseless claims nor to talk unless you can improve the silence.

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  • Th
    thisman Nov 03, 2012

    @Tasha10's more wild baseless claims!

    "Well then no one learns anything then..."
    Who? You are insulting the rest of us who have, or who are.

    "this person keeps buying things on credit which she cannot afford, "
    Really? So you know about all their previous purchases are indeed on credit, confirmed, and that she could not afford them, confirmed as well?

    "...and keeps suing them when they want their money back."
    Seriously, keeps suing? you know about prior unworthy lawsuits this person has instituted against CAs? How about pending ones? Dates/ref. would suffice otherwise your invective conjecture is dismissed with the contempt it deserves!

    "...when they want their money back."
    Now they want their money back, I thought they called when they wanted their payment on time and not late?

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some people do deserve to have CPS in there lives and some dont and i was one of the ones that didnt deserve it nor this person they lie i have 2 kids a 3 and a 2 r old i was in cps as a minor and my caseworker (the one that is suppose to help you) said to me "that she didnt believe in me that i wasnt capable of doin nything for myself that i wasnt going to be anything and that i wasnt gonna make it and i was going to go home alone wihout my kids " they had me doing anger management parenting counselling court and schiool it was very hard all these things were a weekly thing they expected mme to get alll of this every week plus school on the bus with no help with money .so because i wouldnt go to school, because of all of the services my caseworker put me in a shelter i was at the berge of failing mmy anger management and i was missing courts she had just put me there so she wouldnt deal with me expecting the staff to know what i had to do iu couldnt visit my family r talk to them for like 2 months and the day she took me from the house she threatend mme to deport me and my family to mexico if i didnt go with her even though ii didnt give her a hard time and there was no need for thAT she thought that she had higher attourity she almost called the cops for no reason i didnt see my kids for mmonths and when i did my son was a diffrent perrson he wouldn say anything and would always have his fingers in his mouth once time i went and he had an ugly mark on his hands and he caseworker gave me 3 different stories and my daughter suffered an acciden having to recieve stiches i did everything in my power to complain but ofcouse noone believed me because there caseworkerrs and there her to protect kids thats bull for half of the caseworkers that work mmy kids attorney hated me and there father saying we were going to horrible parents because i was underage that lady had never spoken to me and i was her enemy she and he case workers did everything in there power to take my kids away and they won they took them even thugh i did EVERY single thiing i just wasnt enough i passed everything they just didnt like me r close t that my aunt is suppose to adopt them they passed there background and got a homestudy but cps dont answer there a-holes just hope i see them soon and that they dont hate me thinking i left them


On June 26, 2011 my childrens father called me stating that he was going to kill my kids and come find me to do the same. After calling the police and getting no results I went to file for emergency custody. I recieved another phone call stating if I didn't come get them I'd never see them. Fearing for them I went to my trailer where I was let in by his friend. When I went to get my kids, they were in bed with him.As I went to pick my son up, dad swung at me burning our son with a cigarette. I picked my son up & ran outside. CPS says that I burnt my son & threw him into car, which is false. I was granted theraputic visitation with my kids, yet in order to get custody back I must say that I was the one who burnt our son and threw him in the car leaving bruises on him. I will not say that because I didn't do those things!!
My kids are with a man who has been violent towards me (& other women) in the past. I fear for my kids safety but can't admit to something I didn't do. What should I do?

  • Ch
    Christina J. Jun 13, 2013

    Do NOT can use say what they want you to say! They only want you to say that so they can use that against you in the traffic and sale of your child. Do only what the court orders you to get your child back. Sign Camella's Law. It is a petition to hold these officials accountable for the lies they say to sell your kids for KY Cabinet funds. They get $4, 000 for every child $6, 000 for every special needs child. Which is why, you'll notice, they send these kids to various crackpot specialists hoping they will get labeled "special needs." Get a good lawyer-that is what I had to do. If you can't afford one-save up for one. These public defenders in Louisville's Family Court are in on it. They actually work AGAINST you FOR CPS. I had to save for mine by opening an eBay store because I'm profoundly deaf and cannot work a regular job.

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  • Li
    Lisa Kidwell Jun 19, 2013


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  • Nu
    NunyaBiz85 Apr 12, 2018

    I would've said that I have a story that no one could ever believe unless you have lived it but, chances are if you got here the same way I did, you're living or have lived something similar. I can't sit here and tell all, it would end up the size of a full novel, but I will tell you this: my entire family, as well as, extended family have been mistreated and abused by the Family Courts and associated workers headed by, none other than, the evil CPS crew. I will also clarify that I know there are CPS workers whom truly mean well, but they are so much fewer than the corrupted worker and to them, I am sorry. I have been threatened with my children, forced to do things under extreme duress and coercion for things that weren't alleged and without reasonable suspicion. My children were removed without a court order and I had to wait from December 6th until February 27th to go in front of the Judge. I was not given a proper defense attorney as I am legally entitled, and the Judge was blatantly biased. I shattered both my legs in an auto accident and am currently financially unable to pay for proper defense, which has been used in a major way. I have endured having to hear suicidal cries over the phone from my first-born of 6, a typically strong, intelligent, witty, happy 15-year-old child. We weren't even 'allowed' to be talking but, who could ignore their Childs phone calls? Especially when they had been admitted to the hospital 2 times during the 2 weeks at a foster home. My babies soul was broken, I could hear the pain in their voice. Here I sit, in a car, ready to face whatever consequences may come my way, I have to help my child but I don't know where to go... I beg and I plead. I tell them how much I love them and it will all be ok soon... I couldn't hold my child, my heart was in my stomach, I could barely breathe. It is a pain that I hope no one ever has to endure. I think, call the police and explain the situation because they can find her. Saying that you need to know that this whole nightmare started because I called the police to ask for assistance in a verbal altercation between myself and my paramour of 8 years, yes, an argument. I recorded the calls, I have the text messages, we even called the emergency CPS line for help, we got none. Luckily, my baby pulled through, calmed down, and is ok. My kids are still not home but are with family now, thank God! There hasn't been a single effort made by CPS to keep my family intact or to reunify. The CPS worker lied on the stand, under oath, was caught, but the biased Judge still allowed it. My 2 youngest children have NEVER been away from me... Something has got to give. The case is a mess, and nobody knows what is going on... We need a divine intervention, a miracle. Everything I claim IS based on factual evidence (court documentation, audio, video, text, police body cam footage, open records, case plans, medical, and educational records, etc...) My story contains much more and needs to be told, but I need help doing so. You may contact me via email at [email protected] and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.

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  • Nu
    NunyaBiz85 Apr 12, 2018

    @NunyaBiz85 My bad, I thought I was making a complaint, not a comment... New user syndrome, I apologize.

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CPSIllegal Adoption

When given a restraining order, police are advised to keep said person away from the person or family as needed. Unfortunately, my father hasn't been arrested for all he has done since the restraining order was placed on him. He is constantly being at my house, stalking my self and siblings, and threatening my mother. Now he has taken it a step further. He has placed myself and my siblings for adoption, and yes we are currently in a new home. WHY WAS THIS ALLOWED!!! Why are we still in a strange home, with a new "mother and father", away from all our friends, a new school, and having to deal with crap from someone whom doesn't deserve to hear me speak, because they don't even care for what is coming out. Why am I still here? Why hasn't it been noted that the person who placed me to be adopted has a restraining order against him. He had no right to do this to us or my mom. WHY IS THIS GOVERNMENT ALWAYS CARELESS! Please help us get out of here!

  • Pe
    PETER RHEUBY Sep 05, 2011


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CPSmy children

the cps been at our home found nothing wrong on a few misleading and false reports and then when my children were at family members 2 days later come and took them, we have not seen nor can we get ahold of them the cps have served us nothing stating why or what is going on

  • Ma
    Mad aunt Oct 25, 2012

    If you don't mind me asking who were the case workers involved? I'm going through the same thing in my family except my nephew who's mother admitted to abuse and neglect they placed him with his drunk grandma and then took him without contacting anyone else. It's bull and cps needs to be stopped they kidnap to many children

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CPSUnprofessional conduct/threats

I lost my job about 8 months, and ihad gotten behind almost 2 months on my car payment. I was able to get caught up. However when my unemployment ran out, I was behind like 35 days on my payment. I received a restricted call on my cell, when my sister anwered the phone, this man, who would not give her his name, started screaming at her, calling her my name, and yelling at her that he was tired of playing games, and saying pay a payment today or the car is ours tonight, and we will not give it back, and cursing, yes cursing, at her!!! I tried to call the company back and speak to a supervisor, however I never got one on the phone. How dare they... He acted like it was his money that I was late on the payment too. Cps I will b reporting your company to the better business bureau, and that I promise..


I have to completely agree with the Fact that they are proffesional baby(kid) nappers.. Here is my story and any help would be greatly appreciated.. I am a mother of three boys and left a widow on Jan 14, 2009 by my husband of 24 years at age 39. I had never been in trouble for anything in my whole life. Not only did I loose my partner in life I found out also that year that I have coranary artery desease and had to have open heart surgery, a 5-way by pass. Along with a list of diagnoses like Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid desease and depression along with a few more.. Now with that being said, I was trying to rebuild my life from devastation and trying to figure out who I was and where I was supposed to go from there.. I was in the process of moving and had been staying with my Dad until new carpet was finished in the apartment I was to rent. One morning I was on my way to get the boys ready for school and started feeling strange and in my past I new it my bloodsugar and I felt as though I was gonna pass out so, I pulled over at someones house off the highway that looked safe so that I could get help and not risk driving down the highway and passing out and hurting my boys. Well I didnt get my car in park before I blacked out and it rolled into the garage, didnt cause damage thou.. But because I was sick and could not speak clearly enough to be understood on the phone I needed the woman that lived there to call EMS for help. But as it turned out they not only sent ems but also sent the fire department and police that thought I had crashed there... And I was the one who requested help!! Before they arrived I had been eating 4 ding dongs 2 butter crumb cakes and a bag of m &m s' plus drank a cherry coke in order to raise my sugar so that it wouldnt fall again and black out.. well by the time the ems got there which was about an hour after it started they tested my glucose level and it was 138 therfore they assumed it was normal, not taking into concideration all the sugar substance that i had consumed.. And arrested me for Driving while intoxicated with indangerment, , Like I was a Drunk!! (Even though I did a breathalizer that registered o.oo). I went to jail.. The next day I got out and CPS came and stole my children and I have been trying to get my boys back sence..And that was on March 4th 2010. I even went thro this thing they call IOP at Centerstone and they determined that I was not in a need for their services because I am not an alcohlic or drug addict, instead they determined that I was only in need of grief counseling.. And as far as I know there is no law about grieving over a deceased spouse..And I didnt feel like it was a reason for the seperation of my boys and me.. We were getting thru our tragedy together.. So now not only have my boys lost there father, They have lost all they had left "me" there mother...

  • Ke
    kellie_rocks2007 Jan 27, 2011

    I did tell them that I am a diabetic and I did go to the hospital but the officer refused to let me be seen by the doctor. All he wanted was a blood test ( which eventuallyrevealed that I had nothing in my system) . Took me straight from the lab to do a field sobriety test. and said he still wasnt convenced that I wasnt DWI...

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  • Ke
    kellie_rocks2007 Jan 27, 2011

    Oh and also my late husband was also a firefighter 124 for our local fire department, He was an entry team member.

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  • Ka
    Karen Sutton Brooks Dec 12, 2016

    @kellie_rocks2007 Hi Kellie... I am also a type 1 diabetic so I know where you are coming from. What you have been through is ridiculous, and I commend you for telling your story as it MUST be heard. Sweetie - there are stories just like yours all over the country and something must be done! Please either find me (Karen Sutton Brooks) on Facebook and accept me as a friend... OR find UCCN Indiana on FB and request to join. We can help each other!

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  • Th
    THE UNDERSTANDER Jan 27, 2011


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  • Ka
    Karen Sutton Brooks Dec 12, 2016

    @THE UNDERSTANDER The Understander... since I am also a diabetic, I can answer that. What she is saying is that as she was driving, she realized her blood sugar was low and became concerned for their safety. When a diabetic is in this situation, it can be just a matter of moments before they lose consciousness and it's frightening. She pulled over in the safest immediate place she could determine. Could have been anywhere, someone's drive way just happened to be handy. She obviously was aware she was in trouble. With all the sugars she did consume, that her recorded blood sugar was around 130 indicates her blood sugar just prior to consuming the sugars must have been very dangerously low. I bet it was lower than 20, which is remarkable that she only landed in someone's driveway... Good job Kellie!

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  • Sc
    SCOTT12345678910 Feb 05, 2011


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  • Cp
    CPS worker May 03, 2011

    Do CPS workers really want their own children in faster care?
    I will show up at your door and if I see a dirty dish in the sink or a piece of food on the counter the kids are coming with me.
    That means you are a bad parent and I don't have a any decency in my body as long as I get a pay check.
    I don't care about your home or your family only my job, I don't have to think about anyone other than me.
    I have a god complex and I am going to ruin your life, your child's life and any one I feel like because I am a ###.
    I don't like happy people, US government wants me to take children to make a pay check.
    Money money money ya I hate people and kids all I want is money, I don't believe in god so I don't have to answer to anyone.
    I am going to take your kids and I will tell you for years that I will give them back and then when your heart aces like your going to die, that when I put your kids up for adoption. CPS and good at it.

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  • Ra
    Ralphens May 02, 2016

    Check out fightcps.com. These people are low lives.

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Hello my name is Andre Burrell and we are in need of help and prayer. We are being treated unfairly by Child Protective Services. They took our son without giving us the right to let him go to a family member first. Our amendments were violated as well as our rights. I took our son to the doctors for a fever they did not check him for what I bought him in there for. They sent us to the hospital with a sealed envelope an said don’t open it it’s for the doctors only he was in there two days never checked him for what i asked them too.
CPS came in and said we are taking your child into custody because they said he was failing to thrive and it was the parents fault and that we were neglecting him if that were the case we would not have taken him to the doctors. They put him in foster care and had to rush him to the emergency room because he had a fever and was throwing up which was the same reason I took him he had had an ear infection.
We have been to court and the said that we neglected him and that we missed several doctors’ appointments but they were rescheduled. The judge said that it was neglect but it did not seem to be intentional but they also put criminal charges on us. So recently our son while still in foster care got sick would not eat threw up and lost weight so now he has to go to gastroenterologists, which they said we did not do but his doctor said he had to eat more or go to the gastroenterologist and he was eating more with us.
The foster mom is supposed to provide transportation for our son back and forth to the doctor but she has a three year old so she can’t take him because she home schools him not that it’s not important but that’s one reasons they said we were neglecting him which is not true on our behalf. Now every doctor appointment to the specialist our case worker and the foster mom take him together. The foster mom was told to give him milk and every time she did he would throw up. We were told that he has low motor tone which makes it difficult to feed him and may also cause him not to get the right amount of nutrition which will make it hard for him to gain weight.
Since all this has been going on we have been taking nutritional classes and are signed up for parenting classes, CPR and first aid. We need help please we love our son so much and don’t know what to do. We have a three month old if we did what they say we did they would have taken him as well. So I hope you understand how we feel the foster mom is not following the guidelines please help us bring him back home it’s hard to function without our son.
The foster mom is having a problem as well with him gaining weight as well as him losing weight. I asked our case worker since it is evident that we were not neglecting him and this is a medical issue can we get him back she said it a legal issue but no one has come to investigate they just charged us with a crimes we did not commit.
We found out that he has food allergies to milk, wheat, peanuts, and cod fish. We just found out that he has lost 3 to 5 ounces and has had diarrhea for a week and a yeast infection too and the case worker has canceled the gastroenterologist appointment, we have supporting documentation, medical records, pictures but it does not seem to matter. We are being charged criminally in the grand jury and we need an expert witness and our lawyers are asking us to find one not to mention that these are court appointed lawyers. This whole thing has gone too far.
We are reaching out so that our story can be heard and we have linked up with others who are dealing with similar issues and we need help because something has to be done to stop the innocent parents and the children from getting hurt. We are both in college and our careers are going to be ruined I am going to school for criminal justice in order to get a job with the FBI and my spouse is going in order to become a doctor. In these fields we know you have to stay out of trouble so we are being mistreated please help us. Thank you for your time and God bless.

  • Ci
    cindy Oct 12, 2008

    Temarary custody was given to a non family memebr and now she wont bbring the baby back, saying she has full custody and doesnt have to tell the paprents anything an has taken the baby to houston texaswhile she helps clean u from hurrican Ike

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  • An
    andreburrell68 Dec 24, 2010

    Do not pa its a scam please do not pay ask them questions you will find out they are lying

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  • Ba
    Babydoll747 Jan 26, 2011

    This company is taking 25% of my income Iam barely making ends meet the car was sold for $6000 so they say and I owe $11, 000 the car dealer I have been to state this is not right how could you owe that amount how can I stop this garnishment?

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  • Hu
    Huyghe Mar 06, 2012

    I am only trying to reach the collections department to change the due date of my auto loan. I have never been late and I always pay more than the amount due. However, to accommodate my finances I need to change my due date to 9 days later and for 3 weeks and numerous hours on hold have been unsuccessful in doing so. Absolutely ridiculous!! I hope this company goes under and is purchased by a company that values customer service and time.

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  • Cp
    cpsdestroysfamalies Oct 03, 2012

    We are goinf through the same thing is it that kelly young ###?

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  • Be
    bestfriendbuddypal Jun 29, 2013

    fredericksburg cps is evil.. they will take children, lie in court, judges let them, no transcripts taken in juvenile domestic court.. if cps can strip a parent of their rights and adopt the child out the dept of cps will get 5, 000 per child as a reward for getting them out of the system quickly.. it is so sick... kelly young is a money grubbing evil individual... she was on maternity leave and left her days old baby to be in a courtroom to make sure she did her share in taking my grandkids from their mother.. my daughters house was raided (all black neighborhood, house raided by 35+ cops in masks and with machine guns... my daughter was charged with" possession of marijuana without a perscription".. bet you didnt even know you could get a perscription for that in va.. she was actually convicted of "possession of paraphrenalia"... a bong... on a shelf... kelly said many times that there was cocaine and all kinds of drugs in the house.. months later it was established, IN COURT, that "subsequently there was no cocaine in the house".. she is still fighting to get them back.. cps tried to charge her for abuse/neglect but had to drop it because there was no abuse or neglect.. i wonder if a cps worker married to a cop could be dangerous..

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  • Sl
    slynn1 Jun 30, 2013

    I really do not get the CPS. They take children from parents that are trying to provide for their children, and refuse to take children that are being abused. You hear stories daily of children taken away for a parent being stupid, like getting their child a tattoo. Which is dumb of the parent, but not abuse. In cases were there are nutrients are concerned, why not work with the family to resolve the problems? In cases of starvation, abuse, or neglect I understand the need to take the child out of the home. It seems as if they remove children that are not in danger, and allow parents that are abusing them custody. I think this is sad and upsetting. I also think that if a child is removed, family should be able to foster before anyone else.

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These people are the rudest of rude you try to do the right thing and explain to them that you are having a diffcult time and want to set up a payment plan and all they do is yell at you and tell you you are going to lose you car after having loans with them for 10 years now been on time and paid more then what was due. I will never do business with them again.What a pathetic company.

  • Bu
    BUBA1234 Aug 07, 2010


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CPS collection reps are so rude. They called me looking for a payment I made arrangement for one post dated check, then the rep told me I had to set up another one because I was late. I told her I would have to call back because I wasn't sure when I do that. I told the rep I would call back on the 30th to set another one up, she told me she was setting one up for the 30th with the previous back info I had giving her. I asked her not to do that and she told me it was to late and she hung up. I tried numerous times to call back to talk to a supervisor but was unsuccessful. I finally got in touch with someone who claimed to be the supervisor, the whole time I was explaining the story she was laughing trying to act like she cared. I had to make sure I put the money in the bank by the 30th to avoid a overdraft fee. I never got that issue resolved. It's like they just got away with it. I called there California office to get help, they told me they always get complaints from the VA office. The receptionist gave me a sup number in the VA office, and I got her voice mail. I never receive a call back.

One time CPS called me so much the call all of my references early in the morning making threats to them. They requested to be remove from the call list and never was. CPS would say things to me like I'm broke, if I couldn't afford my vehicle won't I give it back. They get loud with me, hang up on me. I am going to file a legal suite against them.

  • Fa
    factual Oct 19, 2010

    get a whistle... or if you have an android fone download this ringtone.. from zedge.com its simply called 30000HZ.. next time they call ask them to please hold while you get your check book lay fone near cell fone and play that ringtone.. they will NEVER CALL BACK..

    **** disclaimer i am not responsible for any individuals hearing loss from this action. i take no responsibility whatsoever for any permanent damage or physical harm this action may cause. i do not condone nor do i promote this sort of behavior and shall be held as NOT LIABLE. you assume all responsibility for this objectionable action****

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CPSNephews physically hurt

My nephews have been getting physically, mentally and verbally abused by their mother. My nephew told my brother that his mom was trying to drown him in a bath tub, that she fist hit his sibling on the back, she and her boyfriend locked the 4 year old in a closet for a day and she hit and screamed bad words to the two other kids because they were complaining of being hungry and thirsty.

So, my brother decides to call the cops, get a lawyer and call CPS. The cops apparently made a report of child abandonment, (because she left all five kids downtown at my mothers store, turned around and left) the lawyer opens up an emergency case and charges him nothing, CPS shows up at my house because this is where they are living now, with me and my family. The CPS agent interviews each of the children separately in a bedroom here at my home, takes pictures of MY HOME, OF MY FRIG, OF MY FOOD, which I found rather odd because we are the ones calling CPS on her not the other way around.

So, never once did the CPS agent go to the mothers home to do the same and never did the mother get interviewed for anything. Then court comes along and the kids are back with the mom because apparently as my brothers lawyer said "it's best just to give the kids back until they have a better reason or charge against her. So of course this only led us to believe that this is happening because of her mother (my brother's ex mother in law works as a Customs Agent and boy does she have pull.)

Oh yeah the kids cry and beg us not to let them go back and they've even written letters against her saying everything that they have been through and everything that she and her boyfriends do to them. We recently got them back and the little one came back with a huge bite on her arm and bruises all over her arms, back and legs. She has been this way since she was a baby and CPS not once has ever done anything about it. We are so sick and tired of these people and the way the system works here in Laredo. I, their aunt have taken pictures of them when they all got sick with only God knows what it was but apparently the doctors said it was because of the dirty clothes they were wearing and the dirty environment they were living in. OKAY so DID CPS DO ANYTHING!!! NO!!!

Still the CPS agent stated in court that there was no reports of abuse going on. Ah okay so I guess we should all just wait and see if next time she drowns my nephew and killing the other one of hunger while she cries and beats the door to the closet where she is being held helpless by the mother and her boyfriend because she is afraid of the dark.

I only hope that God does hear these children's cry's and he rescues them from her.

By the way, not exaggerating and not lying. WE NEED HELP, WE LIVE IN LAREDO AND EVERYONE IS BOUGHT HERE!!! I have tonz of pictures but will not post them because do not know if it is legal to do so.


I was in a case with cps due to having physical altercations with my husband and my child was in the home. Cps said she had to leave the home and so she went with my mother in law. keep in mind nothing is through the courts! they take a month to get us a worker that would work our case. Our worker gave us a list on things we needed to do, drug and alcohol assessment psychological and psychiatric evaluations (my mother in law has personal issues with me and my family so she reported i was falsely bipolar) also parenting classes and family and individual therapy. I passed the drug and alcohol assessment(i dont even do drugs) I supposedly have depression (who wouldn't when their child is torn from the family?) but I am able to handle my depression with out medication as per the psychologist. i even have a note stating i dont need meds :) we also completed parenting classes and our family therapy. the day we finished our family therapy they closed the case and refused our therapists last report. when they stopped the case cold turkey my daughter was left in limbo. My in laws wont return her to us, they are now playing cps. Cps wont return our calls not even the supervisor! im shocked these people actually are allowed to work for this state ran organization... im a bit put off by the fact they say they cared for my daughter and want to reunite us with her and here we do everything and its not good enough. now they dont give a flying ### about her. I want my child back and still am willing to walk through fire for her. the issue that was to be resolved the domestic violence has been! no problems since march 2010 my daughter left Jan 2010. We love our daughter she was never hurt or abused nor neglected despite the fights my husband and I had. We have worked out our issues and are back on the path. We realize the position weve put ourselves in and the effects that followed. why would cps just drop my daughters case like this?

  • Cl
    ClassicTqKid Aug 24, 2010

    my mother in law has had issues with my family that lives right next door to her for over 15 years. im guilty by association. she hates her son as well. we have resolved the physical altercations. My husband is furious but he cant make her give our daughter back but there's nothing we can currently do. if they did care why would they drop the case in a heartbeat when we were doing everything right to get her back? she needs to be home with us we are her parents and shes going to be in a safer environment then before. weve worked our ### and minds out for her not that it was a problem but it was for her and for us to be her parents. now my MIL is refusing due to personal issues. Its ridiculous!

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  • Cl
    ClassicTqKid Dec 13, 2010

    updates: My in laws have received custody in california and cut communication with my husband and I. I have no idea about how my daughter is doing. Ive called lawyers Ive contacted news channels no one seems to give a ###. Im at my wits end.

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CPSCPS Apparently Does not follow its onw rules

Apparently CPS can make the rules that everyone else has to follow except when it comes to them. We had a foster child in our home that went off to camp and broke his leg while at camp and they wrapped it and gave him some crutches, then called us and stated that they were bringing him home that way and we should take him to the emergency room when they get here in five to six hours. If we were to do this, we would be charged with medical neglect and lose our license, but apprently since they are CPS they do not have to follow the same rules we do. They should have immediately taken this child to the ER for x-rays.

CPSObtaining custody using fraud and intimidation

Page 1 of the 15 page document
Medina, Hector S
Shinsako, Jennifer A
ODESSA, TX [protected]
Intake Narrative
Document worker
The Reagan Sheriffs Department got a call about a vehicle that ran into a deer. The Police officer could not look up the people in the car. The PO looked them up when he got back to the station and found out that the OV(16 yo f) was a run away. The PO then was able to pull the car over a second time and detain the OV. The PD made contact with the MO. The'MO stated that she does not have reliable transportation to pick the OV up from the police station. The MO told the PD to release the OV to the boys that she was with. The PD did not feel comfortable doing this. The PO has no reason to hold the OV at this time or to place the OV in juvenile hall. The OV is currently at the Police Station.
The OV stated that the home is a mess very dirty. The MO has 24 animals living in the home. The Ov stated that the MO punches/hits the OV with whatever the MO can grab or get a hold of at the time. The MO has also thrown the OV into the wall.The MO calls the OV names and takes everything out on the OV. On 8/1/09 the OV tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist because of the way the MO treats the OV. Immediate assistance is beirig requested at this time. Called out to CPS Ector County OCW Hector Medina at 3:45 AM and told to place on Hector's work load.
Janna Weiss PSIS II
The OV(16 yo f) ran away and MO/AP will not come get her from the Police station. The OV made an out cry of PHAB, PHNG, and EMAB. Immediate assistance is being requested at this time.

Do you notice how it goes from "can't" to "won't"? They then use "won't" and "refused" through the rest of the document and my daughter has told me she never said any of this and conveniently, the interview was not recorded nor any pictures taken due to my daughter being upset. I do not have 24 animals, my house was pretty beat up but not dirty and I have never lifted a hand to this child. On another page, Medina also says he called my only relative in this city to see if they would take her and my brother says they never called him. They have kept us holding on using "maybe at the next court hearing" and "maybe in 30 days" now my daughter is getting "the abuse isn't the issue, just the condition of the house." Huh? I thought it was Child Protective Services no Home Inspection Services.

  • Ri
    richard_1000 Mar 13, 2011

    I am sad that this country is being dissolved by bad body's I am ashamed to call myself and america CPS is the camel that broke Christs back the end is near people I would stay away from people with money judgment is coming!

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CPSwhere are the parents rights??

My stepson's biological mother has had CPS called on her for drug use, and rightfully so. This is not what upsets me. What upsets me is the fact that my husband and I were not notified about the call or the open case on her or about the court date where they decided to place our 10 year old into foster care because they could not locate any family members to take him. We were notified about the situation 1 day too late. We are now having to hire an attorney to get our son out of foster care and wait for weeks before we can even set up a date to have SUPERVISED VISITATION with OUR SON!! Where are the rights here

  • Al
    alecomm Jul 13, 2011

    unfortunately much more money is profitted by the professionals in placing your grandson in foster care. they get to do psych reports, family reports, prescribe him drugs for the trauma of losing his family, lawyers and solicitors absolutely love it. it is no surprise that you were not notified, however i am aware of many cases that are the same over here in australia also. :-( stay strong. marney

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CPSlost my Job due to CPS

The school is out to get me! I had been looking for work in my feild (human Services) and it has been so hard as the WA budget has cut almost half of all the Human Service jobs in our state. I finally got a job working with at-rick kids through the Big Brother's Big sister's. This job was going to keep my family from being on welfair !
Then my oldest daughter got HIVES and all my hard work went down the drain!
I made the mistake of sending my 8 year old to school with Hives and the school freaked out and called 911. I was also called and when I got down to the school (before the medics) the medics asked me if I wanted to transport her or if I wanted them to. After finding out that her vitals were normal and all that was wrong with her was that she was covered in Hives (not that I didn't know that already). I chose to transport her (not the the ER) to our doctors office and I kept the school informed of what was going on with the doctor's office and the medication that was given to my daughter (an over the counter allergy med).
Latter that night (8:30pm) CPS showed up at my door. It seems that the school called CPS on me for transporting my daughter to the doctors office and not having the Medics transport her. Now due to being investagated by CPS and a rule that states that I have to report any CPS issues pending on me to my suppervisor I have lost my job.
So now CPS is coming out to my house all the time, pulling my kids out of class at school and asking them all kinds of questions, and I can't pay the bills!!!

  • Ra
    Rachell Roberts rena Jun 16, 2010

    i asked them for help because my infant son and two todler daughters were sick and their father had just beat me up gone to jail and i was left on the streats all i wanted was a little help to keep my children safe and they turn around and make me look like the bad guy they give children back to mothers who give their children methodone but when it comes to a mother who was simpley looking out for the best intrest of her children they claim me unfit mother and batter my name i think its time for us to stand up and fight for whats ours i mean in the front of our capital buildings standing together for whats right...

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they took my son out in pulbic and now saying that my wife and i cant' get him back. they put him up for adpotion without court orders

  • Cl
    ClassicTqKid Dec 13, 2010

    here read this, im almost in the same boat. cps doesnt care..

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  • Ih
    ihavenoname Jun 15, 2011

    CPS needes stopped. I wish there was some way to sue the entire system as a whole and get them shut down. They dont do their jobs. They dont protect children. They take them from homes where they are loved and stick them into homes where they are raped and beaten. The incidents of child abuse (both sexual and physical) is extrememly high in foster homes. Leave children with their loving parents.

    Poverty is NOT neglect. And health problems do not equal neglect either.

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My sister started dating a man a couple yrs ago and after one year they got married...She was unaware of his past with the CPS or his mental unstability...After a while she realized there was something not right about this man and wanted to leave..(by this point she found out she was pregnant with his child) ...After we talked she decided to have him leave and she was going to move back up here so that i could help her with her 8yr old Kayla (from a prevous marriage) and the new baby that was on the way..After She told him to move out he went to the police station and made accusations against my niece..that she hung cats, drawned a dog...poked him with needles and hit him. CPS was notified and showed up at my sisters...she notified them that he was mentally unstable and she asked him to move out and that she was moving up north to be with her family. The caseworker said that was fine she could move up north just to let her know the address and phone number...I talked yo the case worker and gave her both my phone number and address and our dads...She was up her with me for 5mths and keep in contact with the new caseworker up here...the only thing he asked for was to have Kayla evaluated by a doctor..which my sister did right away...After 4 visits the doctor said that he didnt need to see her anymore...that was in september...At the end of December we had not heard from the CPS since septerber after doctor eval...my sister decided to return to Texas for the birth of her child so that the father could be present at the birth and then return to Indiana...Since my sister had a mth before baby was due when she returned to Texas and enrolled her 8yr old Kayla in school...On the first day of school CPS stole Kayla and is now trying to terminate my sisters rights on grounds that Kayla would be a danger to the baby. (the baby that is not even born yet!) I went down there and hired a lawyer for her and stayed for the first hearing...the judge did not want the eval from the Indiana doctor and ordered a new eval and my sister sister to have an eval also...After the first week in foster care my sister was able to talk to my niece on the phone...the foster care giver said she could talk to Kayla nightly...Kayla has not been eating, crys everyday for her mom and would not sleep...she is now starting to stutter when spoken to...The foster care giver got mad at my sister and said she could only talk to my niece twice a week because the foster care giver wanted Kayla to call her mom out of respect and Kayla didnt want to and found it confusing why she had to call this lady mom and not by her name and my sister tryed to speak to her about it. How could this be in the best interest of the child when it is causing her so much emotional damage? No one wants to go up against the CPS and even our lawyer just stood there and shoke, like a nervous wreck, and just keep repeating that she had the eval. done in Indiana...What can she do? Who can she contact? This is a loving child that was put in the system by lies and twisted truths...The caseworker even stated that she could take the unborn child when he was born if she wanted to...How can they have so much power that they can destroy families and threaten people with the loss of there children?

  • Da
    Daisy Mariposa Jan 27, 2010

    What's your complaint?

    Who are you complaining about -- Child Protective Services (CPS)? Or the baby's father?

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  • Lady Pink May 20, 2010

    Irish need to get a job and get a life. She spends all her time on the complaint board insulting people, eating chicken and making their days miserable by her lack of compassion, reasoning and most of all intelligences.

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  • Lady Pink May 20, 2010

    that's negative one vote for you Irish, chicken beggar.

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  • As a country we need to wake up to the things that are going on around us.
    Our system is designed to have our neighbors tell on us, if they like we are doing wrong! The flaw (which is a very big flaw) is that most people filter their perceptions through their
    experiences or their motive. Truth and evidence has lost it's value in this country. Our society is programed to believe media reports without proof. Our judges sit on the bench
    their ego and public attention. They rule for who they like our who their attorney golf buddy is. The public needs to file complaints on judges for their inapropert actions in the court room and report the attorneys for poor or lack of representation, and unethical practices. CPS needs new management and proper training. They hire young people out of college that do not have children and place them in a powerful position to investigate (what they do is decide who they think is at fault and write report twisted to their point of view based on who called CPS first andwho they like!) The same through out the organization with any worker you interact with.
    Once the investagator sets her point of view all the staff jumps on the bandwagagon and supports their opinion. All this is based on impression. Most of the time the child(ten) are harmed with the process worst than a small incident which started the complaint. I am not so uneducated not to see there are situations
    that need help, i.e. Parents using drugs, alcohol (which is a drug) and the family needs HELP not gestapo techniques.
    We need to address out culture and individual problems. Both parents are not usual in the child's life ( if a divorce is present and both parties are involved CPS should look for motives of complaints on both individuals. And look at both parents not just the one accused (and I stress accused.)
    Also our churches. organizational group, our government, our hospitals, etc. need to really
    teach parenting skills. They are not totally
    inbred. Stress is higher in families more than
    ever. Depression is a epidemic (we need to realize mental illness is no differentance than
    physical illness, en-fact it is a physical illness
    because it starts in the body (brain) which is
    like having diabetes. A chemical imbalance of
    the body. This is another area that we need to
    get our world culture and educate people about the facts. We can only be better if we grow as individuals through education. We can only be better as a community if we grow through
    education. We can only be better as a state if
    we grow through education. We can only be
    better as a country if we grow through
    education. And the same for the world. There
    are many ways to educate people not just
    through schools. We don't have the family
    structure that was in place for years.
    Grandmother and Grandfather are most likey
    not living near families with children. Parents
    are having children with out a lasting bond or commitment with the other person it took to make a baby. Parents are over stressed without support or hooked on drugs which take away any natural ability to parent and replace the drug addiction other the love of the baby/child or the persons self love. Hope this enlightens some people for the need to change. If you agree please send these comments to friends and let's open our eyes and make changes for the better.
    p.s. CPS has been changing their name across this nation so they will not be associated with other agencies (that are the same) so they can a void bad press and get away with a lot more without being identified as the same agency across the country. Even if they are not funded by the same budget they are set up the same and are doing hard to our children!
    Sorry for the type-Os I am always blessed with great support staff in my business life. Thanks for reading.

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CPSharassing calls to my family

these people call my family constantly. I have lost my job and really try to pay payments as soon as i can, but never more than a month late. I will be sitting i my front room with my sister and aunt and there phones will ring, it is cps, I will not get a call. I think this is unfair and harassing. I have asked them to stop harassing my family but they just say these people are your contacts and we need to get through to you. I just want it to stop not only is it embarassing but my family wants it to stop. What can I do?

  • Ju
    Jupiterlove13 May 12, 2010

    Just because someone falls on hard times does not mean they are acting like a child or being unapproachable. It is not the fault of the family when someone refuses to pay a debt. I am getting the same harassing calls because my sister doesn't pay her car payments on time and I have called the supervisors and managers to no avail. Maybe if they would have called these so-called personal references before they gave my sister the loan I could have told them she wouldn't pay it.

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  • La
    Lakeeriemom May 12, 2010

    Please don't listen to the rude comments of others first of all. Secondly, you have rights even if you owe debts. If you have asked them to quit calling you and they wont - you do have rights. Thirdly, just because you have fallen on hard times doesn't mean that it gives companies an open right to harass you.

    You will need to calmly let them know that you understand what your rights are and that they are breaking the law. I understand that they can be obnoxious and rude but you will need to be the bigger person here. You need to educate yourself regarding this matter as it will empower you.

    You can send the creditor a Certified letter requesting that they cease all communication with you under the terms of the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act. They are not allowed to contact you before 8 am or after 9 pm. They are not allowed to contact your neighbors, friends, aunts, uncles, etc. Again, educate yourself regarding the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act. Document all of your conversations, log phone calls, etc. If it continues then you have the right to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    Good Luck in your life ventures. Don't let this get this down - life will get better for you. :)

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CPSLies and deciete

CPS became involved in our lives on April of 2009 and our lives have been a nightmare since then. Some how I got stuck with one of the most lying and deceitful caseworker (Jackie Jones) ever. I can not understand how one person mess up a families lives so much.I have done everything that they have asked me to do and they have done nothing that they said that they would do. I have tried to contact her supervisor (Nicole Giles) Repeatedly and have received no response. So what does a mother do to protect her children from the ones that are suppose to protect them. All I can suggest to those of you who most likely found this by having a similar experience or are going through one now is RECORD EVERYTHING!!! Audio tape recorders, keep a notebook for noted include dates, times, things that were said keep all your receipts from lab drug tests. Talk to the councilors get info from them, expert advise and maybe the most importantly if you can hire a lawyer. They are your voice and they know how to read those paper that make no sense to us. Find free legal workshops if you cant afford a lawyer on retainer. Mortgage you house, sell your car, take out loans, ask your family for money these are your kids we are talking about. A lawyer is your best bet. I know my 3 beautiful girls will be home soon and I hope that if CPS is involved in your life that Jackie Jones is not.

  • Karleen Sep 12, 2009

    Try going to the following link:


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  • Mc
    Mcj60 Oct 19, 2009

    False allegations by San Bernardino county workers: Deborah Baeza, Karina Sicairos, BJ D'Escalis.
    Lack of representation by CPS friend & county provided attorney: Brian Huerter

    Very good advice. It is my opinion that they won't bother you if you can hire an attorney: it is those that they can provide an "attorney" to, that are in trouble. That is a sure win for them. Do you know of anybody that had their own attorney, was not convicted of a crime, but still lost all rights to their children through juvenile dependancy court? I haven't found anyone yet- but I would love to hear of someone that has! Definately record everything! If cps becomes involved in your life: record all contact with any social workers. These workers are generally not licensed with the state or anywhere- so when they behave unethically or make false allegations there is nowhere to go. You can tell the county, their boss, and where do you think that gets you? I will tell you. You will get a letter back stateing that they have investigated & don't feel they did anything wrong. You can go to Washington d.c.- but they will tell you, sorry this is a state problem- nothing we can do. Then they will give you phone numbers. This is great if you are looking for disconnected numbers or want to make a child abuse report to cps. Huh? How does that help? Cps is a joke. Does anyone pay attention to what happens to foster kids after cps gets involved in their lives? It is sad. America: open your eyes! Our children are suffering.

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  • I know what you are going through. My daughter had her two children taken away by cps a cseworker (Staphanie Perez) out here in Denver Colorado though Adams County. This caseworker is the most discrateful, evil, hateful person. She has put my daughter and our family though hell. She had made several false alligations towards my daughter and her husband, and took their children away from them. I wished that all of us families that had ou children taken away by cps, due to the false alligations they make, we all need to get together and write letters to the govenor, news medias, and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH with these caseworkers from cps.

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  • Sr
    SREVERN101 Feb 27, 2010


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  • St
    stopnccps Aug 09, 2010


    I am looking for individuals in the state of North Carolina willing to sign a petition against the outrages of Child Protective Services. You can see a copy of the petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/292/petition-for-audit-and-reform-of-nc-child-protective-services. I am more interested in getting people to sign a physical copy. If you are willing, please email me at [email protected] If you will provide me your address, I will mail you a copy of the petition, signature sheet, as well as a stamped and addressed envelope. When you have signed the sheet (and hopefully shown it to your friends, too), simply place the petition and signature sheet in the envelope I provide and mail it back to me. I am trying to collect 50, 000 signatures in 6 months. To do this, I need your help. We can only protect our children by organizing together against this dangerous and illegitimate agency.

    Again, please contact me at [email protected] to request a copy of the petition or if you have any other questions. Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Karleen Oct 18, 2010

    I think it is very good and very, very important that when a parent has been wronged by CPS, to publish the names publicly here in the online world. Also mention the name of the therapist who mis-assessed the condition of your child. Be careful to hide your identity while doing this, but THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO HEAR THE TRUTH. One of the biggest problems with CPS and Family Court is that they keep everything secret, while destroying your good name to boot.

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  • Ma
    martin2011 Apr 22, 2011

    Un Jan 2011 CPS made their first visit due to my 15 yr old son who ran away from his dad (for false allegations ) flipped out on me so my husband stopped him without harm. To protect my son the officer suggested 51/50. When he got back CPS ordered drug tests because my son in fear I would send him back to his dad said I used drugs. Due to untrust I used synthetic urine. They took my daughter 5days later saying I tested positive for meth.WTF? The second test was 24 hours later and was negative. Now that my marriage is broken due to husbands adultery during my daughters removal. I NOW SEE THE TRUTH!!!his family has millions by the way and I have no money or family.
    They always threatened me they would take her if I left him and they set the whole thing up. The initial kidnapping social worker has been best friends with his cousin for five yrs. Funny coincidence. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY INNOCENT DAUGHTER THAT SUFFERED DUE TO PERSECUTION. THE TRUTH IS GOING TO COME OUT WITH PRAYER AND STRONG FAITH IN GOD ALMIGHTY.it just hurts so bad everyday and now their evicting me from my home since they own it after my husband stole Everything of value and trashed the entire place. Can you say SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY????

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  • Ne
    NEEDHELPmartin Apr 28, 2011

    Its me MARTIN2011 once again. I have given God my whole heart but I must admit I cry on a daily basis knowing the only person that knows the TRUTH is my soon to be ex husband. We have talked briefly but due to his problems we can't relate and sine he still enforces his family I AM ALONE. Who is there for the wrongfully persecuted??? My heart has been broken in every way possible and I only have the Lord to lean on. Since my last entry they moved my fragile now ten yr old daughter with my sister WHIM MY DAUGHTER NEVER MET. To top it off she lives over an hour away and my troublesome teen son resides with her since he lied and assaulted me. They will not send him back to his father who lives in another state. CPS also removed him from my home due to him being a DANGER to my daughter. There is local family that was willing to take her in, Yet CPS threatened that it was my sister(a complete stranger )or FOSTER CARE??!! This transfer happened without my consent or knowledge. HOW IS THIS ALL LEGAL? ?????????PLEASE HELP. ANYONE WITH MEDIA CONNECTIONS OR TO THIS INTENTIONALLY BLIND GOVERNMENT. I was just a normal law abiding pediatric nurse who never had any substance abuse problem and just spent every waking moment living for my children. I know God allowed this to happen so I will continue to post info until SOMEONE OUT THERE LISTENS AND FOLLOWS THEIR HEART TO HELP A STRANGER. I AM INNOCENT IN THE CHARGES OF PHYSICAL ABUSE AND DRUG USE. WHY DOES OUR GOVERNMENT HELP THE NEEDY IN OTHER COUNTRIES BUT ALLOWS AN AVERAGE CITIZEN TO LOSE ALL PARENTAL RIGHTS DUE TO ONE PERSON? MY UNJUST IS THAT THE ALLEGATIONS CAME FROM A MENTALLY ILL, SUICIDAL, DRUG AND ALCOHOL USER, TEENAGER WHO WAS EVEN ON NEW PSYCH MEDS DURING INTIAL INTERVIEW. I opened my home legally to my runaway son and due to Major mental problems I was unaware of I LOSE MY ENTIRE WORLD. Even my own few family whom I rarelspoke with took the word of my sick son WHO HAS NIT LIVED WITH ME FOR TEN YRS due to us finding him holding a blanket over my daughter's face when she was an infant. This is the reason I sent him to live with my ex-husband and his wife. WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED WHEN I SACRIFICED MY LIFE SINCE I WAS 17 TO BE THE BEST MOTHER I COULD. This is too much to assimilate even though it is my reality. Please pray for me. I need strength since tomorrow is court in San Bernardino again. I can take the condensending accusations, but can not take living without my daughter THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND REASON I BREATHE

    someone can please help me. This has been three months now and NO ONE DOES ANYTHING BUT USE THE ACCUSTIONS OF A RUNAWAY TEEN WHO TESTED POSITIVE AND ADMITTED TO USING METH, WEED, ALCOHOL, AND OTHER DRUGS. They told me on Friday that my daughter "AGREED" to the allegations. FALSE AGAIN! !!During one if my first visits my daughter even told me how her attorney (same attorney used for my son) used a strange way to ask her questions and she was in fear because " They ignore my answers and talk in circles"she cried. At that time I was not aware they were sticking to a drug addicted mentally ill teenagers allegations and were ignoring the truth if my over inteligent daughter. I should of never let my runaway sin in my home, I have lost not only my baby girl but my dignity, my pride, trust in humanity, my marriage, my respect for local government authorities, my belongings, my older children, my own family

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  • Karleen May 16, 2011

    I understand what it's like to have a teenager make false allegations against a parent, because it happened to me. CPS atends to stick by the false allegations because their mouths are watering for the funding streams that get opened up when a kid is taken away and thrown in a foster home. I haven't yet come to the end of the horror of what happened--my son is grown now and has been thrown into the state hospital, has a criminal record, and is messed up with drugs and alcohol. Yet when he was at home, he was clean cut, law abiding, wanted nothing to do with drugs or alcohol, and respected his teetotal, law abiding parents. What a change! So foster homes save kids, right?

    All I can do right now is to is to refer you to a website. Not enough, but remember that I haven't finished going through horror even though my kids are now grown. I have discovered that the only people who don't have to live in fear are the wealthy, who can afford the best lawyers.

    http://www.american familyrightsassociation.com

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