CPSRude and harassing

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They are the w0rst collectors in the world they constantly call they call my references and harass them, they call my job they call everybody phone private. I hate them!

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  • Ol
      Mar 23, 2009

    cps are some nasty peopel it has nothing to do with peopel are mad because they cant pay there bis but its ways you talk to peopel and you handle thing i had my care for a least 3 to 3 1/2 years and has never be late and fell behind until after i list my job got laid off i called them and try to make arrgmnts with thim and they did not car if you are a few days late they call and leave nasty mssg where you dont want to spk with them and then when you ask them to get a manager on the line they hung up or they put someone eles on the phone and they talek the same way well they took my car i was 3 months late but was paying ever month and i told them when i get my income taxes i will pay it up and they said oaky they said i owed $2187 i asked them for what they could not tell me because all i owed was $1044 for 3 months and that including march 2009 when they said yes i could pay they said okay when i came out my home to take my daughter to school the car was gone and when i called they manager was in a all day meeting a man called me back very nasty and left a very distubing mssg i called back and told a rep that i was going to get an atty they someone called asking me where is the car after they took it they are really nasty and who ever want to start a class action suit call me [protected]

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  • Sh
      Jan 11, 2012

    i hear you bud am from kentucky and i havnt even made a payment yet and was late 8 days and told them id pay on the 12 day she said no she wanted it now so as rude as she was i told her before i put up with ppl like this just come and get the truck and then i file a complaint with the federal trade comission

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