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Wt Mar 13, 2016 Taunton, MA

My husband and I drove three hours for a scheduled appt, made several days beforehand. When we arrived there was noone on the premises. We had called 30 minutes beforehand to say, to a man that answered, that we ran into traffic but would be there shortly. After waiting and knocking and no one answering the door, I called the number again. I explained we had an appt and had driven threehours in traffic to get there and noone was there.The gentleman rudely dismissed me and said I was not in his appt book. He explained he was kerry's father and was in Rhode Island and had not taken any such message. I said i talked with a guy who had repeated all my information. He said he knew "nothing about it and it must've been Michael". He kept giving me an attitude and was extremely demeaning and rude. I again repeated how we had just driven three hours through boston traffic to be at our scheduled appt and I found his attitude very troubling..he then said well why dont you just get in your car and drive back three hours and hung up on me.
I am pretty grateful this whole disturbing conversation took place because we were seriously considering paying the very expensive price of $ $2231.25
I would hope that future doodle owners would be extremely cautious of such an operation and find another breeder who would treat their clients with respect rather than abuse.

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