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I was sucked in by Cornerstones offers of providing service and becoming secure financial. They charge you ...up front $250 you have to pay another $250 or so for licensing. The promises of cash flow within two weeks are totally bogus... I don't think I saw another new agent ever do that.

I was with the company for two years. I averaged in the 70-80 percentiles nationally in sales numbers. It became apparent to me that one really needed to be in the top 5% to make it at Cornerstone.

My wife was seriously ill and I needed regular income as well as actually needing group insurance for her. I was discovered looking for new work on monster when my regional manager discovered my resume. My contract was immediately terminated. I thought I was an independent businessman. It's a cold hearted company.

You need to be a lawyer and a mathematician to figure out how the heck you get paid. An agent can actually end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt when they leave. Luckily my advance account paid off in 6 months I received "back end money". Averaging about $500 a month for 6 months. I had to surrender my stock when I was terminated to begin settling that account.

All in all I probably worked 50-60hrs per week for maybe an average bottom line of maybe $500/wk... Remember now I was much better than average at this. I turned down a job for 70k a year right after I started with the urging of my manager who insisted I would be making much more.

It’s a sales job top to bottom. I would never consider doing it knowing what I do now.

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  • Ro
      Aug 24, 2008

    Thank you for posting this. I was going to go in but now I will reconsider. It seems it is common in this city to have insurance scams this is my 4th one... this one will not happen...

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  • Kj
      Jan 25, 2010
    Cornerstone America - Lies and cheats
    Cornerstone America
    United States

    If you are considering a career in the health insurance field with Cornerstone America / Alliance for Affordable Services, UGA - United Group Association / NASE National Association of the Self-Employed, MEGA, MidWest National Life Insurance Co of TN, HealthMarkets or ANY of its "affiliates" DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you sign your independant contrator "contract"...SUGGESTION #1 - Ask to take a blank copy of the contract so you can properly review it prior to signing it...don't be suprised when you can't or are given an excuse as to why you can't...and this should be a big RED FLAG!!! Run & Run Fast - AND don't look back!!!

    I have personally been bombarded by these folks over the past few years while living in the Chicagoland area. Once I posted my resume online - it was over...constant emails offering me an "opportunity for interview" - "Our Sales Leader, Tom Haberkorn has reviewed your resume and would like to meet with you for interview this week...". Early on, I actually made an appointment to go and check them out. When I arrived at the office I was quick to discover that there was no interview with me and "Tom Haberkorn" but a sales pitch from this guy to a group of 7 people whom got scammed to show up like I had for an interview. Needless to say the lot of the room seemed quite discouraged. It seemed like a used car salesman or timeshare sales man pitching a room a folks about him and the company and how great it and he is. This guy was boasting all about himself - showing me from the get-go he was not a "Sales Leader" nor in my oppinion a Manager. He showed all of us that he is a "I" guy...I do this...I make that...I ..I...I...

    After the group sales pitch, it was offered to the folks in the room that if interested - stick around and Tom Haberkorn would call to us one at a time for our "interview" with him from which he took all of about 5 minutes with a candidate...(to see if you bought his pitch)...

    On my way out, I had an opportunity to take a look around the office and I found it quite interesting that there were very few agents there...those that were seemed to be starving to make sales, the few I did speak to said that they had gone weeks without "leads" or making sales!

    BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!! That is all I can your homework before you might sign a contract so you don't make a mistake and make a blind leap of faith!

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