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I ordered an refurbished HP 4600 LaserJet. It was a great price at $169 and free shipping. I paid for the purchase on PayPal and waited for a confirmation. Unfortunately my email filter recognized it as a scam artist and tossed the confirmation in the spam folder. I should not call it a confirmation. They sent a message to say that I needed to call them to discuss the purchase. I called them about a week after the purchase to find out what was going on. I was told that they had emailed me (see spam folder) and called me several times. My phone records show no record of them calling (if they did call, they never left a voice message), although they may have called me and starting talking about a car warranty first as those where the only calls I did have from my phone log.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lakewood, NJAnyway, they said that they did not have the 4600 in stock, but they did have a 4600N for almost double the price, plus shipping. $159 dollar purchase was quickly reaching $300+.
I politely told them to pound sand and refund my money. By the time on the refund, they had sat on my money for almost 1 weeks.
A week later, they are still advertising the same printer at the same price with free shipping. Must be waiting for another sucker to "upgrade" to what they actually have in stock.
I noticed on their website, they have several HP Color Lasers with the same style con. The base model is under $200 with free shipping. The same model with network support (4600n, 4650N, etc.) is roughly double the price with no free shipping (about $75).
No a very moral or legitimate business.

May 07, 2017

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