Consumer Health Benefits Associationrip-off

This is a rip-off. salesman came into our home for over 1 hour telling of thew great savings on medical, dental and vision care. over 200 per month have tried to use it 3x in the past year, no luck... I need to travel ove 30 miles to use their so called network providers, for a $5.00 savings. This was suppose to supplement my medicare coverage but cannot use for my local physicans or hospital. Called the program yesterday to try and use for dental and vision.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Coconut Creek, FL No help can not speak to a supevisor they do not accept calls, the reps will take a message for someone to call when they have time! Read the guarantee which states that if you do not save more than paid for a year can receive a refund or anothe year for free. Tried to speak to someone and they told me I had not used it enough, so of course, no refund... Still no phone call back from a supervisor, will keep trying.. Told them I wanted to cancel, they told me I wa covered to the 15th of next month, best part the cancellation would take effect today, so they still get 25 days of coverage for essentially free, a penalty clause.


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