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Purchased a car in December 2006 with a 72 month loan. I made all my payments mostly on time, but I am two payments behind recently. Somehow instead of my buyout being around $1600 it is now just over $3700. Are you serious??? They say the difference is the interest on my 2 past due payments. So on a $23, 000 loan my total cost when I finish paying is just over $40, 000. In addition the stopped sending bills out through the mail over a year ago and to make a payment on line they charge an additional $12 payment fee on top of your normal monthly bill. So they are getting an additional $144 per year in fees. What a rip off this company is. Not worth doing business with in anyway.

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      Jun 16, 2013

    My husband and I recieved a letter yesterday informing us of the same exact thing. We expected that the car would be paid off, but instead they require over $3, 000.00 in "interest". We paid late fees when the payment was late. I read all of the paper work from the sale of the car, but it just lists the interest rate, and a late fee of $10.00 to be paid. We paid online as well. The paper work has some very vague wording about what they might do to you if you do not pay at all, but there is no mention of this extra interest. We called Condor Capital and the girl on the phone said she was trying to be polite to us. I could not understand this, since we were not being mean or loud, but it was the representative of this company who could not tell us anything, except that when you do not pay on time, your interest rate changes and goes "up very high" as she put it. The best thing ever would to have made all payments on time, however we did not and it would have been great to know about this changing interest rate. It was not stated on the paper work anywhere. I would not ever do business with Condor Capital, not only are they crooks, but there representatives do not know anything about the company they work for.

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      Mar 16, 2016

    I filed bankruptcy because I got behind on my car note then by bankruptcy was dismissed I called them to see if I could put past due amount at the end of my loan and they told me that they didn't do I have never heard of a company that don't do that. They threatened to get my car I even told them I could send in my monthly payment they refused to take it they only wanted the full 6500 I don't have that kind of money

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