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CompUSA / Can not deliver to hotell

1 CA, United States
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I am in US for a couple of weeks due to a buisness trip and found some electrical stuff at compusa that I would like to buy.

1. Tried ordering it with my swedish VISA and it allowed me to tick in the box for the visa but not enter any card nr, every time i tried to pushed "send order" it sait "item missing - please fill in"...did it a couple of times...
then tried paypal and selected send order hoping i would get to my paypal but noooo...samt thing...also tried to click paypal in another menu and then it actually did open up my paypal but when everyting was accepted I came back to the page saying "payment option missing - please choose" ...then tried master card...same thing. This is a REALLY BAD WEBSITE when it comes to info. so messy and so unclear.
Then I read through all the faq i could find and finally found they only do wire transfers to international customers (even though you are in US obiously). SO SILLY .- WHY NOT GREY OUT THE PAYMENT OPTIONS THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE? Or give a pop up saying that your country can not by with this method please use...

2. I then asked a US colleague who is living at a hotell (as Í am) and who has an "american paypal + adress" to order it. He very kindly helped me out, but got a call the other day where the personell said - "WE DO NOT DELIVER TO HOTELS"

3. So in the evening we decided to cancel the order from my friends account due to the lousy service. But you COULD NOT since it only shows your order and this phone nr to call, where the sour lady gives no information about where else they could send the equipment that we put an order for. Ok home, I know that, but I need it now where I am at - thats what internet is all about isnt boundaries.

SO compusa is a really crappy net buisness.
I am just waiting for a fraudulent wthdrawal from my friends account (theys say they dont charge until deliver but well see.

If it would have been this hard to order in sweden, the company would have to close due to no customers.
Ok thy are cheap on some stuff, but with this rediculous service they should really close the company.

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