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CompUSA - Bakersfield, CA / Horrible customer treatment!

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CompUSA - Bakersfield, CA

Dropped my laptop off to be repaired in june, under my compusa tap agreement. Its now been 3 months. They can't fix it and keep sending it back broken. They authorized, then unauthorized a partial credit, so now its sitting around collecting dust. The scam goes like this:

"if" they make a repair, they won't tell you what they repaired, so when the computer has the same exact problem again, like this on has, they can claim the same problem was caused by a different part. They do this to avoid the lemon law issue for repeated repairs.

So i complain at the store and the manager at the time gabriel garcia says i will receive a partial refund, and he will let me know the amount in 3 days. 3 days, nothing. 5 days nothing. I visit the store, he has been fired, according to nathan mathhews for incompetence, and the store will not honor his agreement.

Spoke to the store manager, nathan mathhews. After driving out an hour to see him, he sent me away for 1.5 hours while he decided what to do. When i came back, his solution was to sell me a new laptop for over 2000 dollars, and give me "employee discount" as a favor. When i complained, he said "the offer is off the table, now you get nothing."

I asked why tech never answers the phone or returns e-mails or phone calls and why i have to drive out an hour each way to talk to someone and he says its beyond his control they are too busy. Meanwhile its been 3 months and i have yet to get one single call from the store.

I ask him where my laptop is and he says in the back room, not being worked on, not being shipped, just sitting there. I ask him why, he says that things like this happened and things fall through the cracks. There is no accountability.

So i call corporate customer service to complain. I have been at this process for 1 month now, not a single return call. I spoke to dee then anton and they both assured me that each complaint has a guaranteed 72 hour window where i will get some type of resolution and some type of call. If i don't, just call back and they will ramp this up.

So, 72 hours, no call, i call back. File another complaint, then have to wait 72 hours. No response, and i do it again and a 4th time. No response. I ask for a manager, this is ms anderson, who never answers the phone. So i leave voice mail. Over and over. Never a single call back. Meanwhile, corporate customer service is over an hour each time, and here are the results you get after an hour of hold and musak time.

* complete hang up, no response

* pick up the phone, breathe into it, move papers around, don't respond then hang up

* giggle and hang up

* answer the phone and start the hold process all over again!!!

* when you do finally get someone they promise the old 72 hour fix, which never happens.

So i call regional manager. Mr. Ireland. Call 2x per day, leave messages because he never answers the phone. Not a single response. No one home. I contact online chat, and they tell me its not their department and they will forward to the same people that i am trying to post the complaint about.

This is a terrible situation, i have been with compusa since 1987 as a customer, and this is a horrible way to be treated.


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