Combined Motor Holdings Group / CMH Groupservice received from cmh east rand

Good day,

I have a bank owned car and booked the car in for a service on Tuesday 16 October 2018. I advised the lady that the car was making a very funny sound and that it was shuddering when I released the clutch.

That same afternoon I was contacted by Cecilia (the other lady collapsed in the morning) to advise me that they need to replace the clutch as well as the wheel bearings. I advised her to contact standard bank for authorisation. She promised to contact me once she has the authorisation. This never happened.

I didnt hear anything from her on Wednesday so I assumed that she received the authorisation. On Thursday I contacted her and she then advised me that she never got the authorisation. I requested that she please get the authorisation asap as this is my only means of transport between home and work. She said will contact them again. She later advised me that she could not get hold of the lady called Maria at Standard Bank fleet so she left a message. I asked her to please try again as I needed the car -Cecilia advised that it will take between 2 -2 and a half days to fix the car.

She came back to me and said she still couldn't get hold of Maria so she requested the supervisor to contact her.

I called Cecilia on friday morning at about 9h30... she said she just got in from the workshop and will check if standard bank contacted her.

I had to contact her at 11 am as she had not come back to me. She said she still could not get hold of Maria. I asked her for the contact details so that I could find out what the hold up was.

I spoke to a lady at standard bank fleet who asked me to give her a few minutes (after checking the claim) as she had to speak to the merchant . She also advised that Maria was in a meeting.

I was contacted a few minutes later by Cecilia advising that the authorisation was now received and they will proceed to fix the car up. I asked her by when the car would be done and she said by Monday afternoon.

I asked the lady at Standard bank fleet what the hold up was -she said that the merchant wanted to bill them for 8.5 hours labour and they were only prepared to pay for 4.5 hours.

I contacted Cecilia after 3 PM on Monday and she said that shes just busy with a customer's invoice and after that she will go and check when the car will be done as it's in assembly. She also told me that she had to reassign the car to another mechanic. I did not receive any call from her.

I had to call Cecilia today(23 October 2018) this was just before 2pm. She advised that she will go and check in the workshop and call me back. She didnt call. I called her before 3 pm. She now tells that they are still working on the car and it will only be ready tomorrow at 4h30 pm as they had to order a part..

This kind of service is simply not on. I had to follow up on what's happening and not the other way around. It seems that every time I called in I was given a new excuse!!

I am utterly disappointed at the way I am treated as a customer.

PS: I still don't have my car - this has now cost me a lot and is simply unacceptable!!!

Ms Julie Mahomed

Oct 24, 2018

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