Collegiate Housing Services"Student Housing"

This company is a scam. Do not send your child to any chs apartment.
They are not safe, rules are not enforced and there is no one to help your child. My son was at uti sacramento. After five months of living hell he came home, defeated and sad.

The inspections that are done monthly are a joke. Alcohol was found in my son's unit. They were told to put it out of sight.

He as not given a parking pass for five months so that he could get onto the compound at school.

Students had over night guests, often. Two of the other boys in the apartment had females over that were "cousins"

The representatives and ras are not available. I know this because I sent to visit my son and dropped in the office everyday. No one was there.

Work orders will filled out three times before they were completed

Parties on school nights

It goes on and on.

Do not send your child!

Feb 25, 2016

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