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Collective POS gives low rates, which should be all inclusive and they explain to you like that, but it is NOT true. There are hidden fees and the rates increase over time. It can cause you lots of frustration. They also make it very hard and costly for you to leave. Once you sign, you will be locked up with them for years unless you are ok with around $390 cancellation fee. As a small business owner, you have to run your business at the same time be watching for your rates. Your rates can increase and your monthly fee can increase over time for no reason. You have to call them over and over again to get the rate readjusted. They may not even readjust your rate if they don't want to. You can leave, but for over $390 cancellation fee. It is a very stressful experience. It makes small business owner's life just so much harder.

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  • Yi
      Oct 30, 2012

    Hello, all the victims in CANADA. We need to be united.First get your information updated at
    The case is on trial in favor of plaintiff side, once they got final Judgement, It'll be the time for CANADIAN to file a class action.
    Meanwhile, file a complain to Better Business Bureau in New York States include your lease No. or Contract No. to the company name Northern leasing 132 West 31st Street. New York NY 10001, that's where these thieves hiding .they will reply to you with their company logo and your lease No. That's what we want, the prove we are the victims of this international fraud company.
    Also, you can check the Phone No. they've been harassed you or the letter they mail to you from NLS leasing Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Is there No. [protected] or 0410 show on it? then go to, you will find these No. show in their collecting department's contact list.
    you can email me at [protected] for a future class action in canada

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  • An
      Aug 29, 2013

    I too have a problem with Collective pos, / Northern leasing uls they have been calling for their money told me I can not cancel the contract and that they have nothing to do with the leasing company hey are only the financing company and I can not get out of my agreement even though their agent signed it a day after I had and had refused to send the contract as well as trying to get payment for changing contact information as well. I finally received the copy of the contract a few months ago, they have constantly called me for payment and have insisted that they have nothing to do with the leasing company even after I told them i have not used the machines for a period of 3-5 months. Had probems with the machine from beginning and had requested to cancel the contract and was not given the option to do so but according to contract I am allowed to do so. but was refused. Can any one help thanks

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