Coldwater CreekShipment not Received in Time

On or about December 10, 2014, I ordered two items from Coldwater Creek for Christmas presents and received notification on December 11 that my order had been shipped. As of today, December 23, 2014, I have not received my order and called their Customer Service to inquire as to the status of the shipment. According to them, they seemed to have a computer glitch (!) and the shipments were delayed to December 17. While they apologized they stated that they had rectified the error and all shipments were upgraded to 2nd day delivery for tomorrow, December 24. They were kind enough to give me the FedEx tracking number and from there I went to FedEx to track my package. Imagine my surprise when I found out from FedEx that my package was on a boat (I live in Hawaii) and the Customer Service manager at Coldwater Creek had lied to me. I'm not receiving my package on December 24 but on January 2, 2015. When I called Coldwater Creek back and asked to speak to someone in authority Customer Service hung up on me and I had to call a third time to get an apology from Coldwater Creek (person stated they were looking at two screens and didn't notice my order was on a boat). I am refusing their package and would suggest that no one order from Coldwater Creek. Their Customer Service is truly lacking and their reputation shot. This is from someone who was a loyal customer before the bankruptcy.

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