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Dnipro Ukraine, UA

Good evening!
September 21, 2017 we bought 2 bottles of Coca-Cola 1.5 liters for a holiday in the city of Dnepr, Ukraine. But the holiday was spoiled, because children noticed that the bottles are not full and look different. At check it has appeared that one of them has no marking about date and time of manufacture and a finite shelf life. The shape of this bottle was different from the other, the label on it is very crooked, and there are compressed creases on the label. We were afraid that maybe we bought either a fake or a poor-quality product produced by your company. The call to the hotline was contacted by e-mail and attached a photo of the check and the goods. The next day the representative of the company called us, we met with him and handed him the products we bought. The representative left us two similar bottles with the product and promised to give feedback as soon as possible on this occasion. But already for almost two months we expect information and do not buy products.
We choose Coca Cola due to the fact that the quality of the product produced by an international company is always high and guarantees safety. I still cannot believe that from the assembly line of your company, a bottle without a date, with a crinkly pasted crumpled label and an undelivered bottle could be on the shelf.
I want to apply to the main office of the company in the department of work with customer complaints, because at the regional level, it seems that I will not be able to wait for the answer.
On the eve of the New Year holidays, I would like to return your product to the holiday table of my family, because the New Year without Cola will not be so traditional and warm.

Coca Cola
Coca Cola
Coca Cola
Coca Cola

Nov 17, 2017

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