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Now you said it, Charles Manson -The Mastermind" is dead.
What do you mean by calling this monstrous creature a "Mastermind"? Is this the only description you give the public about a human beast that slayed Sharon Tate who was pregnant and ripped the child out of her womb? Is this the title you give to a monster?!! Do you have enough information about what happened then?!! Do you have any respect for the relatives?!! Who on earth cares about this monster's death?!! Is it important for anyone to know if it is dead or alive? It is more than disgusting to see this creature's face in the news...I advise you to apologise to the relatives and immediately take out the information from your news. Shame, shame, shame on CNN.

Nov 20, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 20, 2017

    It definitely isn't only CNN reporting on this. Almost every news station is. Also I think they are referring to him as the mastermind behind the crimes, as while he did not commit them directly, he did direct others to.

    "Who on earth cares about this monster's death?!!"
    I think the relatives of the victims probably care very much. I have no relation to the case so I can't say for sure, and unless you have relation to the case, you can't say for sure either. Change the channel if it bothers you.

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  • Am
      Nov 23, 2017

    @pobarjenkins Hi, of course it is understood that the relatives care!! That's what the message was about...I advised CNN to apologise to the relatives...Besides, there are no masterminds of slaying, they are slayers and that's it. How would you know he didn't commit the crime? He was there, inside the house with his crew of helter-skelters.

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  • Po
      Nov 24, 2017

    @Amparito I still don't see why CNN should apologize for it though, especially when the majority of news channels are reporting on it. Should they all apologize? It's a significant event in history, and honestly I'm sure some of the relatives might be happy to hear the news.

    Mastermind simply means that he was the planner and directed the event. You are correct however that I don't know for sure about the crime. I thought I read somewhere that he was not at the location at the time, but I could be wrong and I apologize if I am.

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