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On Sunday, November 19, I purchased a twill top coat that was on sale, 20% off of $300. They were running a few different discount codes at the time but the only one that applied, was the free shipping (within 5-7 business days) so I selected that option. Now, when I bought this coat it said it was in stock. When it states 'in stock", I feel most people would assume that means they have it at the distribution center, that was not the case. On Black Friday(November 24), I still had not seen any tracking movements, I called customer support.

It turns out, they didn't have any in stock, like they claimed, and had to track it down through a store-front. Then the service representative proceeded to tell me, it had already shipped and she would forward me the tracking number, via e-mail so I could track it myself. I checked the tracking number over UPS' website and it hadn't even left the store.

So, in short, lied about the item being in stock, supplied me with a worthless tracking number and didn't honor their shipping requirements. I decided to cancel the order and just look for another company to do business with. Thanks but no thanks Club Monaco.

Nov 24, 2017

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