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Club Monaco / What's with the attitude?

1 United States

I'm ignored at the register for about 5 minutes, then I get the "oh were you ready to pay?" No worries, it's busy, so we start the transaction.

To start off she asks "Can I get your last name?" and I say, "no thanks". She stares at me, her manager turns to look, if there had been music playing it would have come to a complete stop and everyone in the store would have dropped what they were holding to turn, and she replies "um...seriously?" To which I say "um...yes".

I'm so sick of this question, you don't need my name, phone number, or zip code. Identity theft is ubiquitous, I don't need any more catalogues, and you're going to get the information when I use my credit card anyway. AMERICA- STOP HANDING OVER YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, out loud, in public.

Nevertheless, my problem is not with this question, but that she managed to somehow take this personally and proceeded to complete the transaction angrily, as though I had just told her off. To break the tension I threw out "I just don't want to get any mailings" and her overseeing manager chimed in "Club Monaco doesn't do that" with far more attitude than necessary.

They threw my shirt in a bag, forgot to give me my receipt and basically kicked me out the store. And they got my name off my credit card anyway.


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