Cleveland Clinicunethical behavior/ refuse treatment

Hi, my name is Joaquim Vanderheof.
For the past months I have experinecing so health issues, including joint, muscles and nerves pain. Night sweats around my neck chest and head. Abnormal bowel movement, etc etc etc.
I went to a Dr. here in St Lucie county were I reside, was referred to rheumatologist. After many tests the rheumatologist stated that I have no Arthritis or Rheumatism or any thing that he could do to help me. And referral me to Cleaveland Clinic stating that something was wrong with me and I would find help there.
I then got an appointment to see a Internal Medicine Dr. Dr. Bruce Champagne. My appointment is schedule to April 29. Yes april 29.
Tuesday night march 22nd, after not being able to sleep well or live a quality life, I started having shortness of breath and Pain on my left shoulder and Chest.
Wednesday didn't go away.
I called a Dr. and He told me if do not get better to go to an emergency roonm as the symptoms was progressing fast and he was worried about the chest pain.
So, I got a friend on Thursday morning after a night from hell, lots of pain on neck shoulder and chest and drove 2.30 hours to Cleaveland Clinic Weston.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Weston, FL
Got to the emergency room. Was treated very nice and fast.
They took me inside to do a EKG.
After, I was brought to a hospital bed where the Dr. would come to see me.
I was relieved as finally my suffering would end. I would be helped.
DR.Vick NORTON came to me.
Ask me why I was there if I was feeling my symptoms for so long and didn't Die in 3 months, past away, I wouldn't die today (thursday the 24)
And she was there to see life treatning patients and told me to go to the front desk and ask for an appointment with a rheumatologist.
And simple refuse to treat me, see me or even listen to my heart longs etc etc.
She was cold, unethical and spoke to me loud and clear in front of other patients whom was shocked just like me with her reaction and lines.
Guess what I do not need a rheumatologist I was sent there by one.
I left very frustrated and sad.
drove back to St Lucie county and went to another emergency Room who helped me.
They found out I have Polineuropathy and unspecified cysts on my bones. And gave me some medications to help till I see an specialist.
I am frustrated and disappointed.
Shame on you DR> VICK NORTON /

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