Citilinerrude and arrogant Driver

I am very sad and disappointed in the service your drivers are giving one named Mafukidze to be precise, who was driving citiliner to Harare on the 17th of December 2014.

My sister was suppose to be on that bus but when the bus arrived he told us that he can take the passenger but with no luggage. I asked how is that possible and he had the guts to tell me that we passengers that board along the way we are a problem because we have luggage, whilst we were in the middle of this conversation a "friend" of his arrives with a bakkie carrying a huge box that looked like a cabinet big enough to fill a whole compartment on the bus and he is not even a passenger travelling on the bus, he packs his goods because it's money he is making into his own pocket.

He tells us to ask pioneer bus that was on the station to take some of our bags which I found very ridiculous and stupid .I asked my sister to rather travel on the pioneer bus instead since they had no space for her luggage.

I went ahead and called the call centre to lay a complaint and cancel the ticket guess what I was told they can't help me. The lady instead gave me a number for someone dealing with drivers, called that number and they also refused to help me.

I want my refund for the ticket since it was your arrogant and very rude driver's fault that made us not use your services. And in future please tell your driver Mafukidze to at have customer services and consider clients first before he decides to make his extra money through the bus .

Ticket reference number: T8DHYOXA

Boarding at Mokopane

Very disappointed

Dec 17, 2014

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