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1 FL, United States

Regarding my earlier post, I must say it's about time something happened. Hooray for Arkansas!

As to we who live in other stated than FL, NY and now AR, we will just have to wait and see what happens. You really must go see the latest incarnation of their website at They still claim alliance with AMLI and it is also interesting to check out the link to the page on management. Scroll to the bottom and click on About Us and then on Management. What an array of intimidating credentials we see here!

I do hope those of you who live in CA do voice your complaints to the Commissioner's office. Our current commissioner is Steve Poizner who is also running for Governor of CA. I imagine the more they hear from us the better, as I heard that was how the ball got rolling in Arkansas. Or if you live somewhere else find your state's commissioner. File that report and get a case going. I hope to see results in my state as appropriate as we see in Arkansas, NY and FL.

And remember, this is NOT the only company out there selling these pretty useless, expensive (in most of our experiences) products.


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