Church's Chicken Restaurant / mrs esmelrada/ my shift leader; tries to get me fired, but since i’ve been working I haven’t signed or gotten any write ups.

It all started Sunday. When I missed my first day of work July 22, 2018. I was texted by one of our current shift leaders late that night which is very unprofessional and she states, call mrs Jackie your off the schedule... so I reply back to her saying that my next scheduled day to come back into work is Wednesday morning so that's when I'll come back in. She then goes on to tell me again, call Jackie. So I go on too say, how come I miss one day of work and get taken off the schedule but when others don't call or show up they don't get taken off the schedule it's just me bc our shift leader ms Esmelrada doesn't like me. Shes actually the one who took me off the schedule she told me this herself and I have proof of it. She's treated me super unfairly since I've been there! She also told me one day and this how I know, she tells me it's all business! Every shift I ever worked with mrs Esmelrada she has sat in the office for hours on the clock, and that's not all, she takes food home every shift she works the cameras can prove this! And as sad as all this sounds my real general head manager mrs Jackie she doesn't know the full story on what happened but I want to let the real business out there bc I need my job! my real manager goes off of all the gossip and rumors she hears never goes off the facts bc nobody presents her with the facts! so this complaint is me standing up fighting for my job and what I believe is right!

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