Church's Chickengm and assistance manager

Pa Jan 18, 2015 Carrollton

Mrs. Lillian the gm 4 church's chicken in carrollton, ga. 30117 and victor is the man who runs the company's n lagrange, griffin, macon, plus carrollton, ga... The team just heard by a person victor hired to fix the floors that they are husband and wife... Then mrs lillian hired her best friend who never finish high school 2 be her assistant manager her name is torcora body she have no respect for her team or the customers she talk to everyone like they r kids she get smart with the customers all the time and corporate need to remove here maybe the business will pick up she was fired from popeyes chicken for get smart and talk to the manager n a nasty way she stay outside on her phone on facebook or with mrs lillian. When the team have a problem or complain on how the assignment manger treating other work they don't do nothing 2 solve the problem. Mrs. Lillian & victor believe what ever torcora body tell them instead of solving the problem.. The team fill like ain' t nothing they can do you all need to just come to carrollton, ga sit n there don't let mrs. Lillian r her husband victor know nothing and yall we see how b they run the business. Mrs. Lillian is never there because b she b with here husband victor r when she is at work they want b the cashier 2 run the front and drive thru along as well as dropping orders and fixing so when the customers full up 2 get there order the customers cuss the drive thru cashiers out.. It doesn't make sense that others team members have 2 stuffer because mrs. Lillian and victor, and torcora body r n together. Yall did know these people's was married because she goes n her birth last name not her husband last name. As team members I fill you all need to solve the problem if u don't we just don't n know... Torcora body fired chris today 4 nothing the she hires people who have rob others and on drugs as well as torcora.

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