ChipotleI was served uncook peppers when they should have been grilled

On November 29, I made a purchase of a chicken bowl at Chipotle located at 1556A Butterflied Road in Downers Grove, Illinois. It was at 2:31pm. The server ran out of grilled peppers and motioned to a person in the back. He was handed a canister with peppers. When, I arrived at home I discovered that the peppers were not cooked or grilled. I was extremely disappointed. This was not the first time this store underserved me. Last year, I received a bowl with plastic in it. I was then offered 5 free gift cards. This time I am looking for compensation of 500 dollars for my inconvenience. How many times does a service have to apologize for their continuous mishaps. My name is Perry Williams and I am a member of the Chicago media. I can be heard every morning as the news anchor on WVAZ Radio on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I can be contacted at [protected] or emailed at [protected] I still have my receipt and its is order number #338. I have been in contact with the store.

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