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Child Protective Services / Unethical and illegal behavior.

1 Arlington, VA, United States Review updated:

My daughter Stephanie was born on April 20, 1990. She was healthy. I continue to take her to medical appointments etc. Unfortunately, on June 23 of that year, my firstborn daughter who had been born with a congenital condition passed away is 16 months old. The grief was completely overwhelming and I also had postpartum depression. The paternal grandmother expressed over and over her concern that the father and I were together and she had stated several times she did not wish for that to be the case at the time I was 23 and he was 28 way above the age of consenting adults. In September 1990 I was having such a bad time crying, being depressed that I took her suggestion to call someone to assist me. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the biggest mistake and nightmare of my life. I was given the number for an agency called child protective services-sounds pretty innocuous but they were anything but. Social worker got there and asked me some questions and I was honest and she told me she would give me her findings in several days. She had found me to be emotionally abusive toward my 5 month old daughter. Needless to say I was flabbergasted since I was the one to call and ask for help. That's been on my record for the last 27 years. I would've been better off being convicted of something because it would've dropped off long ago. Anyway that started the long nightmare of psychiatrists diagnosed me with something I didn't have, long list of medications-I am surprised that I live through this and finally toward the end of September my daughter was removed from my custody. They did not do this before contacting my parents who were able and willing to take her but somehow the father of the child knew. Then comes the interesting part the foster parents particularly the father was in conflict of interest since he had been counseling babies dad and knew all about my child. I tried hard to get her back but the psychiatrist continued to diagnose me and every time I wanted to get a new therapist I was told that if I did not cooperate with her they would take my visitation away. I can't tell you how many times I was placed in the hospital, given medicine to induce false memories and basically scare the crap out of anyone who would hear what the doctor had to say but social services was convinced that she was the right doctor for me. When I finally got we can visitation with my daughter I was told by the social worker that the foster mother was unable to bring her for Friday evening-not my problem right? It was her responsibility to do as the court order requested however, I was told by the CPS worker to go ahead and cooperate and allow her to come on Saturday evening instead-big mistake. They called several times and canceled visits due to your infections, her not feeling well and generally anything they could come up with to stop me from seeing her. Finally in 1992 I was considered to be well enough to have her back and the foster mother threw a fit right in the middle of the courtroom. The judge called everyone back in and asked if this was the right foster mother-she was already to attach to my child and I could see where it was going but of course no one listen to me. I was told it was up to me to decide whether or not to let my daughter see her foster parents. Out of the mercy of my heart because I knew what it was like to lose a child I let them have visitation because when the foster mother came to drop her off she looked like she was dying. I should've left it that way. I had to take her to see a child psychologist which I did twice a week but if you look at the films and I wish I had known they had existed before we went to court it was pure abuse on my poor daughter. The therapist will take out 2 sets of homes a mommy and a mama doll to indicate me and the foster mother and a daddy doll to indicate the foster father she would then put the Stephanie doll and with the foster parents and when the Stephanie doll went to go visit the mommy doll the therapist would make the mommy doll cry and put her in the bed with the mommy doll crying "I miss my Stephanie, I want my Stephanie"-what do you think this did to a 2-year-old who would start closing her eyes and burying her head in my lap because she did not want to see this? When the doll arrived at my house everything was fine and then when she left the doll that represented me was perfectly fine with it and as Stephanie doll reached the foster mother's home mother would become instantly happy and the child learned through conditioning that if she left her foster mother it was going to be her fault if she became sad-and they called me abusive? The tapes that had sessions with the foster parents were very very different in the sessions with me. Therapist Mentioning how she felt that Stephanie was going to end up with them and she treated them like adults none of this doll therapy was ever given any time when she was spending time with them at therapy office. The woman died several years ago and I hope she's rotting in hell. Several times I called her to confront her about the way she was handling the therapy and she told me that giving birth did not necessarily make me a mother and that I was going to be able to have other children. I brought this up and had the tape during the court case which was to decide whether or not my parental rights were to be terminated. The judge would not admit it into evidence. My lawyer who by the way was state paid who do you think she's going to help? Did nothing to assist me. She continued to tell me that I needed to cooperate but would not fight for my rights to have another therapist nor to have another child psychologist view my daughter. There was a letter that went out by the states forensic psychology about me who said she had grave concerns with my diagnosis and the way that I was being treated medically. Social services ignored that and in the end she testified against them on my behalf or for free. My doctor eventually got sick and I was able to get another psychologist to immediately took me off all the medicines and got me up and running i.e. working, going to school within 6 months but alas it was too late because the state decided I had had more than enough time to get my act together and they terminated my rights. There is much more to the story the bottom line was the parents at the time of adoption were too old 53 and 43, the mother was way too attached to quickly and although the judge saw problem she did not remove her from the home because she took the words of the social workers who were absolutely adamant to get this child adopted. She was perfect, white, female and baby which is almost unheard of in the social service system. I have no doubt that money changed hands. The cards were stacked against me and had I had the money to have a decent attorney who could blow them out of the water I would've succeeded. Now, I am left with a record of emotional abuse to a child which will last until April 20, 2018 my daughter's 20th birthday. I no longer consider her my daughter because 5 years ago she wrote me a letter stating that she did not see me as her mother, and that she did not want to hear from me anymore. I have had no contact with her since and to be honest she has become the nightmare I was afraid she would become if adopted by these people. Sucks because I've never been able to bring my story to light, never had the chance to write a wrong, never have had the chance to show these videos and hold the people responsible for what they did to my child and to me. My medical care was completely messed up in the 1st place and I was forced to continue going. Nobody ever spoke up and the tapes show exactly the kind of corruption that was going on. I wasn't given these tapes unfortunately until we were appealing my case there are over 30 of them in each 1 shows unspeakable acts toward a child who is supposed to be undergoing psychological treatment. How about brainwashing? I child was brainwashed by a psychologist using play therapy. She was out of her mind. She always treated me like a child and treated the adoptive parents or foster parents and other one in the same as adults and guess who is footing the bill? It was not fully on the part of social services but the foster parents as well. Who do you think she was going to be loyal to? Social services sucks, they are a bunch of greedy money hungry unethical people who definitely served a purpose of splitting up a family. They gave my parents who were in their 50s at the time no way to take her. I was not living with my parents at the time and they could've easily been asked.

Feb 24, 2017
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  • Te
      15th of Mar, 2017

    Boy I can only imagine your frustration. Yes, CPS is a baby stealing scam; u pop out the kid, CPS (or anyone else) makes a false allegation & boom - kid be gone. In Orange County, California a case was won by a plaintiff in past few years because CPS illegally snatched her child. Plaintiff won damages. One defendant still works for CPS. Her name is Marcie Vreeken. In fact, Vreeken was promoted and works with others around the state of California, training them as far as Vintra Costa County in Northern California, to lie to judges and the court. A tasteless org - don't walk, but run.

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  • Ki
      6th of Mar, 2019

    same here ! the DEFAX worker (Clarissa Fletcher) issued "THE SAFTY PLAN) today. And my ex husband took my children today because we where chased by 2 P.I.(s) with mask on that he admitted to hiring to my daughter and in front of the police!? REASON being that I endangered them by getting out of the car and confronting them because we are sick of the harassment. so I could get the tag number. after running the tag # it came back to a local off duty { law enforcement officer.} He was the cause ( immanent danger) and I get punished for it. After interviewing my children without the school counselor. Instead the case worker and my ex-employer(school Administrator) whom requested me to resign or be terminated the day before and provided me no chance to prove her LIES ABOUT MY EMPLOYMENT!? I've requested a copy of the police report for 4 days and have yet to see one ??? he's paid (the social worker off) just like everyone else in this town!?I suffered a panic attack today and my face is sagging on one side and my eye won't blink.(BELLES PALSY) as a result. I'm filing a lawsuit tomorrow morning!

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