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Child Protective Services


CPS took my child for personal reason

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I live in Buffalo NY and I am a good pro-active parent to my 2 high IQ's adhd children. CPS has taken them off of personal emotions and not professional facts, and they have no proof of what they are really holding my children for and yes I did cuss the lady out but she has no professional reason to keep my children. She went up to the school 2 days after our hard phone conversation and made up a lie on my two disable children. The allegations dad and I cannot plea guilty of because we did not do it. So is it right that they keep my children? I feel like I do not have any civil or even human rights but I pay taxes, in a homeowner, college graduated and everything else that middle class blacks have. I am not a horrific parent and either is dad. I have proof and a professional witness that spoken with the cps worker before she took my children. I have all documents and cps cards dates and everything else. Counseling and school records. This is not the first time this has happen. Caseworkers lost their jobs and my children returned home. I am doing everything these cps workers and judges are asking me to and my kids still be going to foster care. My kids have been taken away from me off personal emotions instead of professorial fact 3 times in the last 10 months. Buffalo NY is the most races segregated town I have ever seen in my life. Is it okay for a cps worker to lie and the system keeps your kids?

I received a call from a CPS investigator on 6/6/12, she stated that the hot line call was not about my kids and me but we were mention in the report about my children father son. She also stated that she knew he did not stay with us and I did not have custody his mother took custody in 9/2010 from dad. so she wanted to come straight out to my house and mind you my kids was taken on a lie last year and the case was dismissed and my daughter was in the mental intuition for 6 weeks and she is 6years old. So ever since, they been home we have two in home therapist and wrap services and we was replacing the seed of doubt of being taken again with the circle of trust that we are stable. She didn’t want to hear that and she and I had a heated conversation and the next day all the information that I gave her like my teams numbers counseling information she spoke with everybody and they had GREAT things to say about my family growth and she felt like because my team was black they was lying so she went to the school on 6/7/2012 and interviewed my 2 disable mental health smart add scared kids and they told her the truth and then the next day 6/8/2012 she called me and told me that I had a hour to get to court and she was violating me on a court order because I wouldn't let her in and I got a cps call. She was out of control with my kid’s father when she called him on that Tuesday. She was saying they were going to call the state troops and they were standing at my door and I would not let them in.

I was just like not right now come tomorrow when the therapist is here because I do not trust you people because of the lie that was told before and the case was dismissed. I would like if you come tomorrow...she was so hard on I was hiding something.

So she did all of this on personal emotional and not professional facts...because I have people in my home 4 days out the 7 and we are in intensive counseling including dad and we was doing good with no red flags but anyway...we get to court and my judge and my lawyer was out of town and I was screwed and they came up with some lie that I have been whooping my son with a belt 5-6 times since he been home form foster care and that their dad whooped my daughter with a spartcurl until she peeped on herself because she brought home a 32 on her behave sheet...this was a dame lie okay the time frame that they are saying this we had the 2 in home Thespis in the home on the weekend and that is some sick mess okay. my kids didn't tell the cps worker this they cry every night why are they in Forster care and everywhere they go they tell everyone that their parents are good to them please let them go home...Yes I was wrong to cuss her out and I felt that she should have been calling dad and mom to the child that the call was about why rush out to my house and scare my kids and self. The cps hotline calls are allegation not facts...WERE are my rights at someone please help me understand...

Khalilah McKenzie

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they have no right to keep the children unless you have harmed them or put them in harms way. their goal is supposed to be to keep familys together and help them but unfortunately they do quite the opposite, you see if they don't take children then they don't have jobs ad they wont hold the people who lie and make those accusations accountable. theres to much of a process for our government to take action over things like this. or at least not til enough of us stand together and make them take responsibility. as parents we have child rearing rights which means we have the right to raise our children any way we please even if the sytem doesn't agree with it as long as we are not causing them harm! unfortunately it doesn't work that way. I have been going through this on and off for 12 years and the sytem has taken my children over and over again when my family gets petty and they give them to drug addicts and child abusers who use them for a paycheck and spite knowing its the only way to hurt me. butuntil we make sure the system has to answer to someone and not just their department a long lists of someones to make sure it cant happen to anyone else this is all it will be. I'm working on some thing myself just have to learn the chain of command to get it acknowledge and addressed
sorry so long

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