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Chevron Texaco / credit card

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Chevron Credit Card
Los Angeles
Chevron has a new scam to steal YOUR money. If you have a credit carryover on your card from one month to the next, they will charge your account the amount of the credit if less then $1.oo; then when you complain they wont refund as they say it costs too much to make a check, hey its a credit, what if I am sick & dont need gaas for a month? Chevron and other credit card providers are the swine/slime flu of the world!

BOYCOTT CHEVRON & TEXACO anti consumer rip off CO.


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A  23rd of Jun, 2009 by 
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I have been a Chevron Customer for over 10 years. I am really upset because of their new billing practice of a 14 day billing cycle. It all came to a head today. Last month I received my customer statement on Friday May 22, I was not able to send in my payment until Tuesday the 26th because Monday was a Holiday. The payment did not get posted until 6/1, it was due on 5/31 I get a $25.00 late fee plus $3.17 interest! Their new billing practice just lost a good customer with a 10 year history. Maybe they will can the bean counter that came up with the bright idea to change the billing cycle!!
A  9th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I have a cheveron business card.

You think that is a lot, we have a business card and they charged 8.99% late fee of new balance ($300+) plus interest fee.

Talk about a scam. Then they charge you a check fee to process a check of 1% which can also be increased upto 2%.

No wonder business cannot survive with these bloodsucking corporations charging outlandish fees.
N  24th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I have my payment on to Texaco credit card on time, but due to holiday it was posted one day past due. They charged me $39.00 late fee and $2.00 interest. I am cutting this card right now. People bee aware Chevron- Texaco are CROOCKS.
A  15th of Oct, 2010 by 
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To Whom It May Concern,

I took a 'crap' shot at wondering if getting a gas card would
help me out. I took a chance and applied for this 'crappy' card.
It also turns out, Hamilton, Comanche, and surrounding
areas in the West Central Texas area have closed most of or
all of their gas stations that bear Chevron and Texaco! To my
dismay, I even found out their website was horribly built,
only allowing 10 mile radius to find a nearest gas station.

To my dismay and severe disappointment, I got charged $25.00 "promotional fee" for their premium card. I had $650
available but was 'charged' $25.00 for their fee. I wanted to
pay via my "Western Union" Visa Gold or Regular debit card.
The website and the person I spoke with who refused to give
out her name in an comprehendible manner told me, they
only accept the routing number of the checking account and
the checking account number ONLY. The 'non-us employee'
I spoke with, told me if I made a payment over the phone with
my checking account, I get charged $14.95 or so per over the
phone payment, and that they do not accept Debit Card, or
Savings Account, or alternative forms of payment, except
the checking account online or standard payment via mail.

I closed the account, and asked for any fee's for closing the
account 'early' the 'non-us-employee' avoiding my question,
shoving me off the phone. With third world people taking
jobs away from U.S. citizens, with accents that are not really
comprehendable, is it any wonder that businesses in the U.S.
may lose more money than they bargain for?

That's ok, I urge all Jewish Bankers, and Investors in the
Chevron and Texaco stock to dump it all and put it all on
Shell or non-chevron-texaco companies. That's my opinion
on the matter, but if companies 'screw' people the people will
screw back. Without consumers, without honest business
practices, and deceptive means to 'extort' or take money, is
it any wonder, this nation is going to collapse? I agree and
support those who complain against Chevron Texaco, until
the corporate office get's their heads out of their [censor], I only
pray, that Adonai, Elohim, Tzavaout will speak to their heart
and minds about their actions, and may they spend only a
month as an average consumer, being screwed by the same
company they boast of being a CEO or some corporate exec.

Topically following the perspectives at hand, I live in a town,
with predominately Shell, Exxon, and Fina.

The nearest Chevron / Texaco station can be located approx
53 miles west in Brownwood, 55 miles east in McGregor, and
beyond that, 60 to 95 miles or up to 200+ to San Angelo or
89 miles to Waco area, 65 miles to Temple, TX.

I'll have to pay the fee's and close this account, I just signed
up and activated Sunday, now its a bad mistake. Let's just
pray, that the wealthy fat cat executives of these companies
will endure the crap they dump on others. Amen? Can I get
an AMEN!?!???? ;)

Michael D. Lucas
A  30th of Dec, 2012 by 
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this corporation has power they will take everything that you have

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