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I have noticed that on numerous occasions there is an unfair disadvantage to the contestants during the final chase. When andrew o'keefe answers correct to their responses he does so in a drawn out way but when the chaser is answering his questions he says the word correct much more quickly. He also reads the questions to the chaser much quicker therefore giving the chaser more time effectively to answer than the contestants. I believe that many more contestants would have won if he had been reading the questions to them at the same speed as to the chaser and also saying "correct" at the same speed also. I find it very disappointing that this obvious difference in timing has been able to go on for so long. There is a definite disadvantage to the contestants and this should be rectified as soon as possible to make the game fair for all..

Oct 05, 2015
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  • Pa
      Feb 18, 2016

    I am so sick of Andrew O'Keefe. He is totally wrong for the chase. He has no personality. It's all about him. He is the only one who thinks he's funny. Please get rid of him. I know a few people who won't watch the show (who are great fans of the English version ) because of him. Me included. Ever thought of Sam Mac ? Personality plus.

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  • Ch
      Jun 15, 2016

    Nobody I know likes O'Keefe in the role. He is forever posturing for the camera, has no humour, an obvious forced laugh and puts me totally off watching the show even though I like the format and really enjoy the British show. You can tell the chasers from the UK are equally underwhelmed. He is an embarrassment who apparently thinks the whole show is about him and not the chasers and contestants. Very poor choice that has ruined the show! I might add this view is supported by every person I speak to when it comes up in any conversation.

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  • Da
      Aug 22, 2017

    The show is not about O'Keefe, watch the English Version and you will find it much more enjoyable, funny and fairly balanced, it is about the contestants and the Chaser, not the host.

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