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Why don't you televise the french open tennis?! You show some of wimbledon and even some of the us open (Even though it is only on at 3am!) yet you never show the french even though that is an hour more compatible than wimbledon with the aus timezone!. Perfect for night viewing. It is a big tennis tournament you know. I'm know there are english speaking commentators covering the open. Just because you don't want to pay australian commentators to cover it doesn't mean that you can't buy someone else's coverage. Foxtel has it! If people want to watch wimbledon... The same people will also want to see the french open! More people will watch the french compared to the us open... Yet you televise that. I don't understand why you constantly neglect the french open. Please resurrect this

May 29, 2015
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  • Li
      18th of Sep, 2015

    How do I complain to channel 7 about the new program that's on between 5 and 6 weeknights, The Chaser. Too long - at one hour at that time of night nobody has time to watch an hour long quiz show, the previous format of two half hour shows - ie Million Dollar Minute and Let's Make a Deal were great, half hour lengthy, quick, snappy, people won money quite a lot - the Chaser is stupid it's too contrived, too long - bring back Million Dollar Minute and Lets Make a Deal, lose the CHASER asap !!!

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