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Today Tonight promoted itself with a shock report on Romanians preying on "us" for our mobile phones, assaulting people in the streets and stealing identities. This is the most overt and mindless vilification of an ethnic group that I've seen and I call into question the legality of such baseless, inflammatory claims.

Is there nothing left of the ongoing refugee "crisis" for TT to rehash, reheat and try to make a story with?

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  • Br
      Jul 15, 2012

    Channel 7 boasts about being the home of the AFL, When are you going to show a game???? Yesterday, being Saturday, NOT one game was played on 7!!!
    Am over your lies. Your show on every night showed one of my sons friends being the bad guy but, you did not follow up to show everyone he was exonerated in court and they gave you a bad name for being the instigater of almost a riot. Go figure. Have submitted this also to fair trading to see if you breach your ads saying 7 is the home of the AFL ad don't show any games.
    Disgusted now with 7

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