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I don't understand why Ghost Whisperer has a PG rating and is aired at 7.30pm! The beginning of every episode is really scary and my daughter has been having nightmares after catching the start of last week's episode. My daughter is 4 years old and 7.30pm is her bed time. These types of shows should not be aired before 8.30pm! I used to be an avid watcher of the Ghost Whisperer, but stopped watching as the episodes were becoming too gory / scary. I'm sure there are people who enjoy watching this show, but I just wish it wasn't on so early.

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  • Ra
      Dec 03, 2009

    l don't have a problem with the gory bits, its after all the reality of life. l'm more annoyed with where the show has dissappeared to.? l was only just starting to watch tv again, but no tv stations just have to tease us by making us guess when a show is or is not not gunna be on!

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  • De
      Mar 25, 2010

    My daughters are 4 and 2. The only reason I would prefer Ghost Whisperer being on a little later is so I can have time to get the kids to bed and be ready to watch it. If the kids aren't in bed, so be it - I don't turn the telly on! I have that choice, I'm the parent. Kids will probably go off to sleep better and have a better night's sleep if they don't watch telly for at least an hour before bed time. At that time of night we're busy with dinner, stories, brushing teeth and winding down. Who has time to have the telly on with kids this age between dinner and their bedtime?? I wouldn't miss ghost whisperer for anything. Tonight the girls where in bed on time by a minute! But wait - where's the show? I'm REALLY missing it. Where is my show??

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  • Mu
      Apr 09, 2010

    why would ur four yr old watch it?
    its rated 'SUPERNATURAL THEMES'???
    and maybe for som of us, 8:30pm is our bedtime!!!

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