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MKR, Josh & Austin, Really?

I usually really enjoy the programme but was dumbfounded last night when I watched the first episode of the 10th season.
I enjoy watching as the contestants evolve, seeing them under pressure, either making it or falling at the hurdles.
The choice to bring in Josh and Austin must have a reason. That reason, whatever it is, is bizarre.
They are coming across as racist, sexist and extremely rude. If this is a true reflection of their characters, then I believe it to be an error to have chosen them to go on the show.
We enjoy living in a diverse, multicultural country. The attitude displayed by the pair last night was disgusting and really spoilt the show.
Ash and Stacey really put their hearts into what they cooked and tried to create as good an evening as could be expected. The childish conduct of Josh and Austin was a real shame and I don't think the programme needs it.

Jan 28, 2019

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