CGYG Eshop Beijing 10000 CNtotal rip off, and they sent me fake ugg boots

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Scam, so don’t buy from the company CGYG ESHOP BEIJING 10000 CN. I ordered UGG boots from them, but these ### provided fake and bad-quality boots. I was shocked and immediately started to send them emails. I was sick of their silence, so I contacted them again and asked to return my money back. The seller suddenly replied and promised to transfer money, but nothing happened. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

Dec 18, 2014

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  • Gi
      Jan 28, 2015

    Io ho ordinato anche qui un paio di stivali UGG ma da un mese nn sono ancora arrivati...

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  • Gi
      Jan 28, 2015

    hello who you contacted for info? because to me for a month have not yet arrived in boots ...

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  • Ma
      Jul 10, 2015

    This is FAKE company, I am waiting From 24/6 till now, but is not arrived

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  • Rt
      Oct 02, 2015

    Yes, I ordered a Coach purse from them but before receiving the item I realized this was a scam company. It looked like I was on the COACH PURSE website, I had no idea this wasn't COACH!! So, I called my bank and reported this purchase and Bank of America filed a dispute and returned my money to my account. Bank of America is great when you have a problem like this.

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  • Ka
      Nov 09, 2015

    I found a site on Facebook "[protected]" advising UGG boots and accessories at a discount price I ordered the boots and gloves on 20 October I then started up correspondence with them asking when my order would be delivered they informed me that the order had been dispatched and would arrive in 10-12 days that is now passed and no boots or gloves. I finally sent them an email on 7th November and the domain name came back found so I have definitely been scammed. Please do NOT buy anything from these people if the shop pops up again on FACEBOOK. I an now going to try and see if I can get any money back from this scam. They collected £116 from me.

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  • Tm
      Nov 12, 2015

    A couple of days ago I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this add for uggs i followed it and it seemed legit until I placed my order. I had an odd feeling about this after I didn't get a confirmation email and couldn't find the site afterwards until it was in my bank statements a couple days later. They ended up getting $130 from me, I also canceled my credit card. I will now wait to see if I will receive anything and if I don't I will get my money back! It's so sad how people can do things like this. I work hard for my money and selfish people have no issues in taking what's not there's

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  • No
      Nov 15, 2015

    Hey guys, is this ? Just asking because I have a charge of $107.38 on my account but when I attempted to purchase 4 chanel belts, it appears as if the order did not go through (no confirmation # thank you receipt that usually pops on screen after one places an online order) convincing me to charge my card two more times, which is what made me to go my account to see this charge from JINMAFANGZ ESHOP BEIJING. I'm confused because my purchase totaled $64+$35 shipping charge which comes to $99...

    My banks system is down now so I have to call them in 3 hours, so until then, hopefully I can get some answers. I emailed the company. For some reason their inquiry email from my (email receipt of $99) emailed receipt is [protected]

    So, are these the guys you all are dealing with? I'm hoping this is not a "too go to be true" situation because I really want those chanel belts at this price lol. They claim to be wholesale replicas so that made me feel comfortable like okay that's why the price makes me feel so light :D lol.

    All responses welcome.

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  • No
      Nov 15, 2015

    okay i looked guys and is no longer a site so now im afraid that they have changed the domain name :'(

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  • No
      Nov 15, 2015

    im concerned because i made a purchase today on for 4 chanel belts total $64 shipping $35 totaling $99 and i have a charge on my account for $107.38 from merchant JINMAFANGZ ESHOP BEIJING
    their contact email is [protected]

    I was initially alarmed when i clicked to purchase and no confirmation thank you page popped up which lead me to believe the order did not go though and i proceeded to charge my card 3 more times without realizing it. The goodness there wasn't more money in there to charge. I this point I believed this company intended for a person to charge their card as much as possible. Also, the fact that the merchant name, site name, and email name are starkingly different alarms me, and the fact that my confirmation price is less than the actual charge on my checking activity alarms me. I have emailed these ppl and I'm waiting to see if and why Im being charged $107.28 instead of $99. I hope this isnt the company. Either way this whole ordeal is strange and maybe this deal is just too good to be true??? Are we dealing with the same company, guys??? I'm still waiting to see. My bank's system is down so I have to wait 2 hours before I contact them again.

    All responses are welcome

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  • No
      Nov 15, 2015

    Just in case this is the same scam company you guys are talking about, here is what it says at the bottom of the site as an identifying factor just in case they change names again

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  • Ho
      Nov 19, 2015

    Dear sir or madam I am emailing u as I have not received my goods it is two pandora charms as I no longer want them now so I want my money back into my account u owe me £34.41 pence u have had the money out off my account so I want the money put back into my account because I have checked my online account and it shows me that u have had the money out off my account

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  • Ch
      Dec 07, 2015

    i purchased roughly 5 pandora charms and the website said US but it has come up as ubiquitous shop beijing and now i can't log into my account but my bank account has been debited and i have no charms delivered as yet. I'm pissed off especially if they do arrive and are fake. i want my money back as now i can see you are scammers!!! i have also emailed you and waiting a reply!!!

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  • Ka
      Dec 10, 2015

    I too have ordered pandora charms for £32 received an e mail for vintage jeans ? nothing about charms and there advert is no longer on facebook surely facebook is responsible for allowing scammers on their site ?

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  • Su
      Dec 17, 2015

    Ive ordered pandora charms and the receipt says $135.87 but $144.79 has been taken out of my account, also the charms are fakes and are a mess I havent got what I asked for I think they've just randomly picked 5 rubbish charms and sent them on to me. I cant find the website so i cant contact anyone Its a total scam.

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  • Wj
      Feb 02, 2016

    Omg!!! do not order from this company. We ordered football caps on the 19th of january and as of today we havnt received our merchandise. They have no phone number where you can contact them. My order was $57.35. These people are making a killing. My visa account has filied a dispute to see if i can even get my money back. What a pain in the a--.

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  • Te
      Jun 24, 2016

    I ordered trainers from WBX EShop CN. Money taken immediately with no confirmation emails & silence since & still no trainers. After reading other complaints I feel very silly that I didn't google the company before ordering. I wonder whether this is the same or similar company to the others reported on. I have been to my bank today & they are going to file a report if I haven't heard from them or received items in a weeks time. I also found the company on Facebook.

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  • Te
      Jun 26, 2016

    I have now received my trainers, came without a box but so far seem fine. Still think these companies should send confirmation email & still a definite problem on the pay site which makes you think the transaction hasn't gone through so you can keep ordering! Only order once even if it says the order is not successful. I have started googling all sites now before buying as been stung before. So far though it seems the company WBX ESHOP Technology Beijing CN is ok

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  • An
      Dec 05, 2017

    I ordered UGGS from them just last week as their site is an exact duplicate of the official UGG website. I didn't realize it was a Chinese company selling fake uggs until I received the confirmation email with some Chinese name in the email. The total amount was 89.99 but they charged me 103.88 and then again 5 days later another 18.79 charge. They give you the total for your order and then change the amount to a higher dollar amount and charge additional charges to your card. I had to dispute one with my bank but the other is pending so can't dispute it until it clears. EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE AND MAKE SURE YOU'RE ON THE LEGIT SITES. EVEN IF THEY LOOK LEGIT, IT COULD BE A COMPANY THAT JUST COPIED THE LEGIT SITE EXACTLY TO THE T. As soon as I saw the email address from the confirmation email I emailed them back and told them to cancel my order as they are a scam. They replied that they would cancel my order and credit my account but never happened. Luckily I had their response as proof of them agreeing to refund my money in writing for the bank dispute.

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  • Tr
      Dec 28, 2017

    @Andrea Lambert The same thing happened to me just last week Andrea. The moralistic character of this unknown synthetic company is unreal. People work hard for their money and of course we would jump at a cheaper price of our wants if available. The saying "its too good to be true" is 100% correct.

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  • Da
      Jan 09, 2018

    i just order a £29.99 per on Nike trainer and they have stolen £100.00 out of my account. The bank has had to block my card, and i will never ever use these shop again. its all FRAUDULENT PEOPLE ...STAY AWAY

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  • Li
      Jan 23, 2018

    I just order a 67, 68...€
    I regret not to have been more suspicious of this fraudulent site, and not to discover your warnings that day.
    It happened the same thing, looking for an item that only they offered me, I came across a site which let me suppose that it was a French site.
    Too happy to find a shirt of a brand identical to the one that I had damaged my friend and that I wanted to replace, (while I bought a product of the same brand but different color on a very French site at 4à+ 6 € = 46€ at same time and I received it 2 days after order !!! so I did not buy on this site for economy ... but to have exactly the same shirt !!!)
    I have not taken the precautions to verify the authenticity of this site, namely:

    On a commercial site, legal notices are obligatory. They are composed of the name, the coordinates as well as the Siret number of the owner of said site. If you can not find a "legal notice" page, run away.


    This may be the first reflex you should have when you arrive at a merchant site or on a social network. To find it is simple, it is in first position in your search bar. The https protocol is all the more important on the payment pages. If the symbol https does not appear on the page, leave immediately under penalty of being robbed.

    So I bought this item on 09/01/2018, I received an order acknowledgment with a tracking number ... which does not work 15 days after!

    I sent 10 emails (with their direct contact on the site but also with this email ('[protected]') noted on the confirmation of my order which are unfortunately unanswered and that's where I I understood that it was a fraudulent site !!!

    As some say, the initial amount to collect was 49.54 € + 10 € shipping but in reality, I was taken from my account of 67.68 € in favor of "Ruiqi Eshop CN BEIJING", fortunately for me I used a blue e-card single payment! so they could not use my bank details anymore ...

    I searched for information on the site without success ... neither on Facebook nor on other social networks)
    So I have :
    1) - reported this site "" on a site of my French government reserved for the reporting of online sales scams with details, including those concerning the owner of this address on which I thought to buy,

    Contact information that was delivered to me by going on WHOIS, you can you even with the name of the site which sold you "wind" ... find out who opened this account in detail ... or if n 'does not exist ... and here it's more boring ...)

    I provided the government scam search service with all the data I had and told me that they would do some research and take the measures (if it's possible because the site is in China, it is possible that he can not go further ...). In any case I discovered that it was in China when my bank sent me a bank statement ...

    2) - Brought a complaint to the gendarmerie

    3) - I'll see with my bank how to do it (but I'm not sure if I can get my money back ...)

    4) Propose to you if we could not make a claim together?
    5) - But above all, inform as many people as possible so that they do not find themselves "stolen", "robbed" of the money they earn honestly and hard !!!

    6) I wrote to the Director of the SMS site with all the details so that they find "possibly" my package and learn about the identity of the seller if by chance they knew this one ...

    You know all my misadventure ... if you have other information or remarks, I am also thank you for answering me to confirm that you have read my post.
    Have a nice day
    Kind regards

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  • Si
      Jan 25, 2018

    bonjour cher clients j ai commande deux paire des chaussure chez vous il y a un mois et demi je vous demande de mes la en voie aux plu vite que possible 28 av henri barbusse 91270 vigneux sur seine n commande 126006 merci atoute mes salutations distingue j vos remercie service qslin eshop

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  • Be
      Feb 10, 2018

    I have ordered a pair of forma boots on the forma website then to my surprise I have received an acknowledment from I find this was suspect, I then contacted motomavilla to get a response from [protected] an unprofessional message... then 3 days later I get 2 charges on my visa 1 for $200.00 and the other one for $190.00 from an organization in beijing
    Room 1217, no. 145 b lanxi road putuoqu
    Putuoqu, shanghai 200062
    And the other charge from convenient shop

    I have finally received my motorcycle boots... a $5.00 fake leather and fake fur ugly boot non motorcycle related in any ways (that should last at least 2 weeks!

    I have filed a complain to the canadian rcmp but waiting at this time to see what they discover!

    Lesson learn... always verify the authenticity of the website by doing some research, dont get fooled with rebates, and make sure you deal with a verified suppliers.

    B. t.

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  • Da
      Mar 30, 2018

    This sundries eshop is a fraudulent website. I made a purchase and never received a tracking number or any merchandise. I emailed the customer service several times with no response. Plus they charged me more than I agreed to.

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  • Am
      May 21, 2018

    Is there a number to call, cause my card as an order with them but i never even heard of them

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  • Pi
      Jun 21, 2018

    I was cheated by this [censored] company. They already withdraw my money via my visa card, i have keep asking them about my goods and they sent me the fake tracking shipment.!! I have no clue how to claim back my money :( they don't even respond my last email.

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  • Ju
      Jul 22, 2018

    Omg they are scam, I think they do this to me too hay 😭. I order instax mini 9 but until now nothing I've been recived. My gosh it's look like they are legit seller, my gosh how can I refund my money.

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  • Ma
      Jul 24, 2018

    Got the order today or an order that didn't go process originally ... fake, wrong shoes and wrong size. They don't respond either. LUMI ESHOP BEIJING CN . I got scammed!

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  • Ou
      Jul 27, 2018

    On-line scam, don't buy from any of these internet representations
    abundant eshop

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  • Da
      Nov 20, 2018

    scam store at
    emails from [protected]

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