CE Corporate Services / Thieves and Liars! Stay Away...LOST THOUSANDS!!!

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I was contacted by someone from CE Corporate Services telling me that they were going to help me get my internet company going. Instead they took my money and never helped me get my business going.
I’ve called them so many times I can’t keep track and sent emails. When I DO get to speak to someone, they always give me different answers and then of course it’s always followed up by wanting more money. FOR WHAT? U DID NOTHING!!!
They sold my name to other companies who in turn called me for money. These bottom-feeders are good for nothing. They’ll get what they deserve. God sees all!!
I’m $16, 000 in debt now and they refuse to refund my money for service not rendered. Who does business like this? I mean, really?? Not anyone who has a conscience…that’s for damn sure! I want to know how they sleep at night. With a pillow made of my hard earned cash, I guess!
I contacted a company to try and get my money back, which they did. I never had to pay anything upfront which was great since CE Corporate Services maxed out my credit card to begin with. I spoke with James at 954.603.1860 and he helped me recover the money CE Corporate STOLE from me, because that’s what they did. They stole from me… Stole from my family. I’m so happy I took a chance and contacted them. I really was on my last leg. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I mean, CE Corporate Services promised me so much, even a credit card to start my business but in the process they maxed out my personal card. Maybe it’s my fault? I fell for their smoke and mirrors…bait and switch tactics.
I hope more people find out about you and burn your company down to the ground!!!
Happy hunting in hell!!!

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  • Pa
      Nov 13, 2012

    I am a consumer advocate that works on cases just like these. I am familiar with these scams . If you need help, please call the toll free number if you need an advocate to help you. We are very successful in recovery depending on the situation. Call for a consultation. I believe I can help you with this. 800.753.6724

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