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CCV Christs Church of the Valley Peoria AZ / CCV staff permit criminal church member to defraud and steal from other members

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What is a person to do when senior church leadership fail month after month for over one year to halt the public actions of a criminal - felon church member who has and continues to committ FELONY level financial fraud on a former CCV church-go'er using CCV's own resources, its website -, and NEVER made good on that theft or fixed the harm of theft and fraud on that former member. Thats right. CCV has neither communicated nor offered restitution, a solution, a meeting, an apology, NOTHING! NO offer of anything by a senior pastor or staffer of CCV to the victim of theft and fraud caused to a former member who has sent NUMEROUS WRITTEN NOTICES AND DEMANDS FOR OVER ONE YEAR. Yes, you've read corretly, valley mega-church darling Senior Pastor and phony "Christian" Dr. Don Wilson and equally phony staffers Scott Chandler and Jon Edmiston, have been notified IN WRITING by me numerous times FOR OVER ONE YEAR that a formal, known, member of CCV church, fraudster, Phoenix lawyer Edward Maldonado, a former Maricopa County prosecutor and current Maricopa County Attorney (who is so unsuccessful that he still seeks private clients to screw over on the side through his legal services ad on the church website, has acted in a highly unethical and in fact CRIMINAL MANNER with me, a former CCV attendee-member (until thiss happened and nobody responsed or cared and I stopped attending). I hired so-called "LAWYER" EDWARD MALDONADO ( after seeing and trusting his church legal services ad touting his "honesty" on and Maldonado completely screwed me over in "representing" me. Yes, he demanded that I spend 12 hours and 1000 miles to drive round trip from CA to AZ, and spend the night, to meet him in person and deliver him money orders upfront before he would start any work on my case, then once he cashed them, he failed to return calls or emails, missed court filing deadlines and abandoned my case just before my trial which forced me to represent myself becasuse no lawyer would take a complex case days before trial after filing deadlines had been missed, so to my absolute horror I was forced to represent myself and because the case against me was bogus and Im an educated professional with no criminal to begin with (and I am soon going to win a MAJOR judgement against that party), I got my case dismissed. But at a VERY high emotional and financial cost to me in the process. Then in violation of AZ State Bar rules,, upon written demand, Maldonado refused to return any or all the unearned fees he had taken from me after we parted ways (because he was broke and used my money to pay his mortgage as his house was then in default), then he wrote me a BAD-NSF check and maliciously mailed it to an incorrect out of state CA address right before my trial, when I was in AZ, so I would have to spend a thousand bucks to travel to get it to use it to try to find another lawyer, when I finally received it 2 WEEKS after it should have arrived, he had written me a BAD-NSF CHECK - WHICH IS A FELONY IN MARICOPA COUNTY. AND THEN HE FAILED AND REFUSED TO EVER MAKE HIS BAD NSF-CHECK GOOD WITH THE PENALTIES, FEES AND INTEREST AS REQUIRED BY STATE LAW - FOR OVER ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS after tons of written legal notices!!! As of today 11/21/10, he still has not made good his bad NSF check and owes me over $4000 per statue - state law. And about $150, 000 in labor and costs and out of state travel to file a Bar complaint and publicize his felony fraud and publicize this so that he doesnt harm other innocent parties - none of which I will ever collect. Its pretty hard to sleep at night thinking some innocent low income, elderely or disabled person might log onto which they incorrectly believe to be a prescreened safe church website and hire this ripoff artist pretending to be an "honest" proferssional. SO, AFTER I SENT MY WRITTEN COMPLAINT AND WARNING ABOUT CCV MEMBER MALDONADO TO FAILED PHONY SENIOR PASTOR DON WILSON AND HIS INCOMPETENT LEGAL STAFFERS SO THAT THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN TO OTHER VULNERABLE PEOPLE INCLUDING TRUSTING CHURCH MEMBERS, INCLUDING COPIES OF THE EXACT COURT-LEVEL DOCUMENTS: THREE SEPARATE SWORN, NOTARIZED, WITNESSED BANK OF AMERICA AFFIDAVITS PROVING MALDONADO'S BAD-NSF THEN STALE CHECK, ALONG WITH NOTICE THAT HE HAD NEVER MADE THE CHECK GOOD AS REQUIRED BY LAW - WHAT DID THESE PHONY FRAUDSTER CHRISTIAN LEADERS, THESE DELUSIONAL MEN OF GOD DO? - Aaaabsolutely nothing. I received NO response, NO apology that they were sorry that I was screwed over financially due to a fraudster with an ad on the church website. NO offer to take his CCVONLINE.COM ad down. NO LETTER TO ME offering to call him in for an explanation OR MEETING TO EXPLAIN HIS SIDE OF THE STORY TO ME THE VICTIM AS IS REQUIRED IN THE BIBLE. No offer to call the police or make him provide restitution as is required in THE BIBLE. Nothing. NADA. ZERO. And this made me absolutely sick not just for myself, but even more for the image and reputation of Christianity. What if this had happened to a non-believer, a non-Christian? They would NEVER become a believer - NEVER set foot in a church again. I thought that if this, CCV, the largest Christian church in the fifth largest metro area in the US is the cutting-edge of Christian leadership in the Church today, we are in deep do0-doo. So - shame, shame, shame on all of these selfish, fraudster, phony "Christians". I guess they were too busy counting all the tithing and donations and moving it all into some offshore account so they be able to live in absolute luxury after the whole CCV-racket thing crashes. Vile. Makes me want to puke. If you are a Christian you likely know that Christ, the main God-human-face in Christianity, held a special contempt for these exact type of religious people - the phony, fake, two-faced religious leaders of his time - and in fact he called them various things from "brood of vipers" to "whitewashed tombs" - indicating the sickening stench of their phony, pious, perfect on the outside yet corrupt, rotten, filthy and maggot infested inside - referring of course not to their colons, but their hearts. Jesus rebuke of these folks is the one place in all the New Testament where Jesus clearly expresses real anger. Anger not for liberals, or regulation, or homosexuals, or Muslims, or Nancy Pelosi, but SERIOUS anger for the corrupt, phony two-faced, religious-church leaders that he ran into on a daily basis. Yes, Pastor Dr Don Wilson - Jesus had a story tailored just for you! He knew you were coming to screw over the body and he wanted to say something about you 2000+ years in advance!!! SO now what? If this story and this failed church leadership sickens you as it has me, you know what to do. Tell a friend. Know that as much as you are lured into CCV"s fancy food and kitchen, expensive flagstone patios, outdoor water fountains and fireplaces, rich childcare, hilltop Calvary replica, and luxurious setting - your soul is far more important than being seen inside some pretty yet morally bankrupt campus. Vote these evil-dooers out with your feet and head over to another church. Blessings.

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  • Ou
      21st of Nov, 2010
    +3 Votes

    With an off the chart score of one zillion on the irony scale: This guys story of his leadership screw-over by CCV staffers and one criminal member, will make an awesome "What not to do case study" at Catalyst, the leading "church leadership" conference that CCV Pastor Don Wilson participates in.

  • Ge
      21st of Nov, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Stay away from phony church CCV till they are back in synch with Christs teachings.

  • Wi
      21st of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    These guys at CCV do so much damage to the Church. Boogles the mind. Makes me sick.

  • Su
      21st of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    THis thief Edward Maldonado is a current Maricopa County Attorney helping chiledren, I just verified it. A fraudster screwing over both taxpayers and church people. Insane.

  • Si
      26th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Maldonado and church leadership should all be jailed. Scammers using the name and resources of God to steal from others. Hell is waiting.

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