Cato / racial profiling

Longview, TX, United States

I am a regular custom at Cato Fashion store in Longview, Texas you have two store one on esterparkway an one on Loop 281 the one on ester parkway there was a man an a woman watching me while I was .shopping this is not the first time that I have seem that lady sir I am on a fix income when I don't have the money I put my item on layaway I do no go in there to steal i enjoy going to your store because I am a plus size an the prices are reasonable but there are time I get so uncomfortable it make me not won't to go to your stores I have talk to a few black ladies that said the same thing they don't watch the white are the Latino there are a few worker that is friendly an there is some that not they watch every move you make while the other shop freely I feel like it racial profiling

Jan 21, 2017

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