CashNetUSA / CNU Online Holdings / weinberg mediation group, llc, amherst, ny 14226, jmt capital management, llc and cashnet usa for debt collection tactics

Buffalo, NY, United States
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We have been contacted by Weinberg Mediation Group twice and e-mailed an account balance payment agreement for $1, 000.00 that they say our son received in 2016 and paid 4 payments on and then quit paying and that he now owes over $1500.00 but they will settle for $1, 000.00 and then he won't have to go to court and pay a huge amount for court costs, etc. Our son denies any such occurrence. We believe him. Original Lender is Cashnet USA and then it was purchased by JMT Capital Management, LLC and then to Weinberg to collect according to the information on the letter. I have contacted the FTC, the BBB and the Attorney General's office in NY state to get information on these companies and the FTC informed me that no way should we be contacted about anyone else's supposed debt when that person is a mature adult. I am going to refuse payment of any kind and let them know it is unlawful for them to be contacting us. I don't know how people get all this personal information, such as our relation to Steve, and they even called his sister, Cheryl, in Highmore and tried to collect from her. There has to be some way to stop this type of thing!

Oct 16, 2018

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