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I chose this company since it provided the best amount for my cell phone. Offer was $303. After testing the market and evaluating the offer i trustingly sent my relatively new phone to this company.

ABout 4 or 5 days later I received the following note: "After carefully inspecting your device by hand, seeing its condition, and following up-to-the-minute market conditions—you’re owed $47 for the device.

This is the same amount we’d pay everyone else for the same device right now, and it follows the Terms & Conditions we agreed upon when you sent your device"

I immediately responded and refused that disrespectful offer as the minimum i was offered was 150 from Best Buy. My response generated a Email stating that they do not respond to emails and to call them. THat is where i am now, after i called well over 20 times, i spoke to several people in Customer service who informed that i need to speak to the Purchasing team, which coincidenlty is overwhelmed with calls and simply disconnect you after 7 minutes. After several interaction and a few attempts to set up a warm transfer i have had it. Ironically i received a follow up email stating that my funds were on my way, which i am assuming is for the $47 as they do not indicate anything else. I have been very clear with them at this point through email( Which i get an Automated response to) and call ( When i speak to Customer service) that i simply want my phone back. This company is a scam taking advantage of us trusting individuals trying to get the most amount of money for our phones.

Dec 22, 2014
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      9th of Jan, 2015

    Similar issue and understand the frustration completely!!! The Company policy is to call if you do not concur with the value that was made by your Company for whatever device that you may have sent for a cash offer. It is apparent that this Company cannot support the call-in requirement based on my experience to date. I kept getting placed on hold by the customer support department then getting dropped via message due to high call volume. The Company's website has an online quote system that gives you an instant quote result for the potential value of your device which has to be confirmed after the device is shipped to the Company. In my case my initial quoted price was not even close to the price after my device (iPhone), was examined by the Company which was quoted way less. My phone was in excellent condition (mint). Hence the classical bait and switch. My advice to others is to be very careful with this Company!!!

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