Cash For Laptops or I phones / They lie about what they will pay you .

Sparks, United States
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I was trying to find the best price to sell my I Phone 5 on line, Cash For IPhones web site popped up and after entering the information about my phone I was shipped a mailing label. When they finely responded back to me It was to tell me my 35 dollars for my phone was on its way. I first emailed them saying I wanted my phone back. I was emailed back saying I have to request that by phone and that lead to 5 phone calls that were 5 minutes to answer followed by "oh you'll have to talk to these other people" followed by were busy so after a ten minute hold being hung up on. This went on for two days when I finely got thru I was told the original price was an estimate and it was to late to get my phone back because I did not request it to be returned in three days, from the first email 2/6/15 until today 2/18/15 was how long it took to get thru to these people to be told to bad you only had three days. Of course the final words from them were to click. I was robbed and they did it thru the mail next step is contacting the postal inspectors to see if
this is mail fraud. Warning do not deal with these people.

Feb 18, 2015

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