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I Got an initial quote for $223 for my I pad 3 32GB wifi unit. It was in great condition and had a cover with all of the accessories. They came back with a quote for $33 which I thought was a typo so I called and verified and then asked for my device to be returned and recited their terms and conditions. Melanie then put me on hold and came back within 30 seconds with a price of $130. I told her that still wasn't enough that I wanted my I pad back and she continued to state it was an automated process and I could either accept the $130 or they'll pay me the $33 original quoted price and I asked her to tell me where in the "Terms and Conditions" it stated that and where I couldn't have my device back and all she kept repeating was it is an automated process and wouldn't send me my unit back. I stated over and over again that I wanted to receive my unit back and said so 10 times only to hear the same thing... "Its an automated process" and would I accept the $130 for the device? They use illegal means of getting you to say yes to their less than offered scam and try to scare the customer into having to say yes or get less money. This company should be put out of business for their bait and switch tactics. BEWARE of tis company!!!

Dec 17, 2014

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