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Calling like 20 times a day called my job had to tell them to please dont call at work. Then leaving message with people a loan. This is terriblie lettimg people no your finance. Please let them understand they cant be calling all day long after you spoke to them and at your workplace. They use all kind of state numbers and I just owe for november and I get so many calls a day this ridiculious.

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  •   Oct 02, 2008

    Wow, you have a whole lot of advice for the consumers on this site that have a problem with your company... who are you I know you don't have a financial degree of any kind be cause you work for cash call, no reputable company would harass their customers in the despicable manner in which your company has and continues to do so. I would get fired if I spoke to any customer the way your ghetto fabulous employees do. That's why you work there, no one would hire you with those tactics to represent their company, P.S. you can't even spell!!!

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  •   Oct 09, 2008

    I saw the CASH CALL commercial and looked it up on the computer. Immediately Cash Call asked for an email... After then they would direct me to other sites. I was so frustrated with the runaround other sites would ask for a lot of personal info then nothing... I stopped the inquiry. I've been getting 35 to 100 emails a day from companies wanting me to give me a loan.

    They all do the same ask for an email and other info then direct me to other sites.



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  • Pa
      Apr 07, 2009

    This is for all the people who have ever dealt with Cash Call. I too am being sued and I never took a loan out with these people. They say they have proof but I say the proof is in the pudding and I have a case of snak Paks! My bank has researched my last 2 years of statements and has found nothing from these people. No loan No payments nothing. They say they have proof but they won't let me see it. I say go to court show your proof then sue them..Harassment, fraud, defamation of character and my personal favorite false advertisement! That aught to wake them up..Whatever you do don't roll over cause that's when they get you. Fight back!!!

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  • Su
      Mar 25, 2011

    This company is very discietful. They will call you twenty times a day!! They will use different 800's and private call to hide their number and who they are.Even after you make arrangments, they continue to call 2 times per hour, using different numbers and leaving messages on top of this!! This harassment!! And they also threaten others that answer you phone that they will call your work until you answer!! When I took this out, I thought that they was legimate loan company come to find out later that they are cash advance facility. The will not tell you anything until after you sign everything and they do it such a hurry, you can not go over everything until after it is all said and done.

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  • Th
      Nov 22, 2012

    -Send a C&D by CMRRR stating when, frequency and how they will contact you.
    -If you talk to a CA ALWAYS write down immediately, who called, where from, said what, why, when, what, i.e. everything. This is acceptable evidence in court.
    -If CA violate your rights each infraction is worth $1000 to you. Thus, use CMRRR and/or record all calls ->evidence is $$$ for you. No lawyer?, sue pro se, see #5 below

    CA push you around if they sniff you don't know your rights. So before you engage them to make any arrangement Google these and become an informed consumer.
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

    -Never ever accept/agree/acknowledge you owe/own a debt. Demand a VOD. Use CMRRR (you can call but not recommended. Be sure to record the call)
    -VOD must be the original document with your signature on it, not a letterhead stating some amounts owed.
    -NEVER EVER confirm your your personal info. Tell them to mail whatever to the address on file.
    -If your state's SOL is expired the debt is noncollectable, period!
    -if you legitimately owe a debt don't pay anything without a settlement offer letter.
    -mail checks, no electronic access to your bank ac. you will be cleaned out.

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