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We brought a VW Touareg 2004 on May 2008. Since the next day we got our car had been in the service department 8 times. First thing was the flat tire sensor (2 times with carmax and 2 times with WV David Maus). On January we took back again because the headlight system shutdown in the middle of the night. On January 2nd, they said that will be replacing the left side system and we have to wait until the right side system basically dies to be replaced. We were having the check lights sensor in and out and on May we took back because was shutting down again. Since this day our nightmare started. On that day, they ordered the part to be replaced and made another appointment for us. One week later they called me to let me know the part came and I scheduled the appointment, I tooked the truck and waited 4 hours at the service center, after that they told me that was the bulb, the part "still good", when I was driving on my way back home, the check light sensor came up again, I called Dana the service advisor and left a voice mail after almost two weeks calling her finally she returned my call and she told me bring the car again and we will be taking to VW to fix it. I took it within 5 days (Wednesday June 24th) they rented a car with enterprise (that I have to leave a $50.00 deposit to have it). On Friday she told me, the car was ready for pick up and they updated the bulb from 2004 to 2009, and as a Carmax favor they will be paying for it because the extended warranty does not cover "updates", I said I never asked for update, I asked to fix the part. And I had an argument with the manager and he told me I am done with you, you have to appreciated that we paid for it and you have to leave this place, because they drove my car without my authorization and with no lights and used the gas that I have in my tank and never replaced gas on my tank. I was kind of angry and upset. I called Corporate to try to deal with them and I spoke to Margaret and told me they don't pay for gas and I have a warranty with VW just call and deal with them. Six days later my right side headlights shutdown, I don't have any lights at all. When I called carmax again and spoke to Luis Pedroza he told me that Carmax closed the doors for me and if need to take my car needs to be with VW service center and I need to start in zero with my issue, that was the last words. I have an extended warranty from Carmax the name is Maxcare and now they are saying this warranty does not belongs to them. I called VW to schedule the appoitnment and told me if carmax brought the car to them, I need to leave the car at Carmax and they have to bring it back.
I really appreciate you call me to explain more to you.
Thanks in advance
Also, go to and Carmax has a lot of issues regarding this situation as well.


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      Dec 18, 2009

    Bring your vehicle to the respective dealership. If it's a Honda, take it to Honda and they know exactly how to work the warranty companies.

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