Carl's Jr / health warning

1916 S. Greenfield Rd. Mesa,AZ 85206, Mesa, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (480)985-9260

Ive been working at this carls jr for close to three to four weeks, just last week our current manager was transfered to another location. A result to that was new management, and two days ago I found out this new manager was picking the trashes to re-use some of the ketchup packets, and give them back to the customers after being thrown in a trash full of other peoples trash. None of the customers know this because she gets the trash and has someone else pick it in the back room, in silence. Re-used ketchup packets is sure to be a health issue not only to the customers in the store and drive-thru, but to the poor mental teenager she has doing her dirty work! I also go fired today over a call, because she found out I knew and was upset for her crul work, so she decided her best chance was to fire me and hire someone new..

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