CARFCARF does not prevent FRAUD!

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The "Commission on Accreditation for Rehab Facilities" means nothing as to the quality of any rehab provider. The best thing to do is to check with other clients/patients. You are better off going to a hospital based rehab provider, to make sure there is a legitimate physician on staff, and there need to be multiple levels of accountability. Beware of private rehab providers as they are out for the big bucks, not your rehabilitation. Carf is just a little "bump in the road" that unscrupulous providers pay for to look good on paper for the next three years, usually to be able to continue extracting large amounts of federally matched state funds.

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      Nov 28, 2008

    Agree - I do not recommend going to the "CARF" website to find a legitimate provider. Bad providers know how to get carf accreditted - carf gives them all the help they need. Carf accredittation is required to bill for medicaid patients, and costs the typical provider $10, 0000(a small price to pay for a three year period). Do not depend on carf, do your own investigating. Ask to speak to the physician on staff overseeing the rehab program. If you get only a nurse, or "executive director", say "Thanks, but NO THANKS!" You will save yourself a lot of trouble!

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  • Da
      Jan 25, 2009

    Don't lump all private Rehabilitation Services providers with one comment. Under the CARF unbrella there are many categories that do not require that kind of program support. My agency assists individuals returning to work with getting the job, and to match the job with the person after they have completed the recovery process. We run strictly fee for services, are not dependent on Medi-Cal. We deal with the person after all the medical/rehab treatments are completed and the person gets a clearance to go back to work. We monitor the person to make sure services are done correctly to benefit that individual, and that person has their choice as to how they receive their services. If we observe a person who is over medicated, or in need of further supports that are out of our jurisdiction we get in contact with the appropriate referring agency to get this person further assistance. And just because a faciliity has a doctor, it doesn't mean that doctor is overseeing every aspect of the agency. A doctor who wants to pad the fees they collect could easily lend their license to a facility and allow MFTs or RNs to do the main body of the work so they can bill off Medi-Cal and still seem on the up and up with providing medical-based services. The new treatment model involves peer-advocacy, where people who completed a program work as guides to help new patients/clients get through the recovery process. I can see the positive in that you are accountable to people who have been in your shoes and know when you would be making excuses and BS'ing your way out of doing your recovery work, and thus keep you on track, but I also feel some facilities would use this model to not hire as much licensed staff and increase the number of "Advocates" to take care of their caseloads.

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  • Am
      Apr 14, 2012

    if a church of scientology FRONT GROUP can get carf accreditation then such accreditation i have to say is worthless or even much, much worse. i remember a set of correspondence from awhile ago in which one person was giving a blow-by-blow account of his investigation of a carf approved facility that seemed more than a little bit fishy to him. a representative from carf, who when asked how carf measures success rates in the facilities they "monitor", replied, (only when pressed to ..) that carf leaves it up to the facilities management to define FOR THEMSELVES what constitutes "success". ??????????????????????????????????

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