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Since I registered with as a caregiver, I've received several very suspicious texts from people who got my information from the website. In each case, it started out looking like a good position but soon I could see they were moving toward asking me for personal information, including bank information. They were always out of state and needing to "get me on the payroll" so I could start working as soon as possible. I wrote about this because these people were obviously registered with the service, or they could not have found my contact information. The only thing the company wrote back was that I could remove my personal contact info from view, which I did. It's not a satisfactory response in my opinion. They are allowing people to register who are no honest and when these users are reported, they should be removed.

Feb 23, 2016
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  • Tr
      Mar 09, 2016


    Totally agree with you. It keeps happening to me too. I signed up with about 1 month or so ago thinking I could get hired as a caregiver, but the only responses I received (and keep receiving despite the fact I DELETED my entire accout almost 1 week ago), sound EXACTLY like the ones you've described. The shady requests, the personal information requests, the "We're out of town, but moving to your area soon" - all of it. It got so bad, like I said I had to delete my account - and that was a week ago. I'm STILL receiving text messages from foreign numbers with the same types of requests! I contacted, but haven't heard back from them yet (doubt I ever will.)

    Just a piece of advice for you caregivers out there wanting to join - DON'T! It'll be quite the mistake if you do...

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  • De
      Mar 26, 2016

    I too have been receiving these suspicious texts from people 'out of toen' and moving to my area soon. Most of these messages come after 10am at night. I've even called the numbers, but no one picks up.
    Biggest mistake giving my information

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  • Ta
      May 06, 2016

    Omg I just started getting these texts as well but so far they have just asked for resumes. Since I am a 4th year criminal justice major I just text or email back please email when you get to the area, due to ask the fraud going on I do not give resumes or references out unless I have an interview. Good ideas to pass along.

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