Im seeking for housekeeping position so i signed up. After i filled out fields i went back to see my profile and instead of housekeeper it says there personal assitant. Ive exhaust all possible re editing I cant remove personal assistant and i dont even know how it got there. I cant edit it so potential client Will probably mislead. I signed up 1 month subscription and i regret it because of the hassle i wasted whole day to fix it. you are too quick too deduct but you dont have a proper costumer service agent that i could address the problem all i hear are recordings and it is so frustrating. hopeless to resolve the problem. I cancelled my subscription that same day. Everytime i check my profile it says there im not in the search yet after 3 days! It also says there i need to verify my email and that they will send me a code i tried it 6 times already but i didnt recieve any text code. Pls understand that im jobless and for me to Pay 20$ just to be in the system takes a lot of trust because i saw your ad. This is a very bad experince for me. I just wanted a proper profile. Again i cancelled already and ill wait for a month. I hope you wont auto deduct me.

Jan 19, 2017

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