Care.commisleading, deceitful

It is my opinion that is nothing but a scam, suckering people into paying for monthly and upgrade fees with the promise of potential work, or of nurturing caregivers or hardworking housekeepers. claims that anyone can join for "free" but neither you nor the person you want to hire (or person you want to be hired by) can communicate with each other until BOTH of you pay to upgrade and pay their monthly subscription fee. Well, what would be the point of joining if you're never planning to contact anyone on the site? After I signed up (for "free") and then paid for the subscription and upgrade, I not only never got any replies to any of the jobs I applied for, but no one ever even looked at my profile - yet the "jobs" remained open. I believe that is setting up fake profiles in order for people to think that there are legitimate accounts and therefore shell out money for the monthly subscription and upgrades. It's akin to tying a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey pulling a cart: It's a promise of reward that's always just out of reach. Once I started researching, I found countless similar complaints on's own community board, on the BBB site, and on several online consumer complaint sites - which only substantiates my assertion that is a scam. I have also filed complaints with the FTC and the Massachusetts AG (where is based), as well as disputing any charges on my credit card.

Jan 18, 2017

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