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The membership subscription was hidden in fine print and hardly visible.. I paid in full and in advance for a 3 month only subscription so why would assume it would be okay to continually bill me and default my billing to monthly auto renew like a magazine or gym membership? . This is not upfront, clear and transparent billing its underhanded, deceptive and illegal billing.
The background checks are a disgraceful display of negligence with most caregivers I interviewed had a charge of theft drugs or dpi when I ran their name yet cleared each one with their systems background check.
The customer service was disrespectful, uninformative ringing off boilerplate lipservice in a show tune manner.
This is the worst business model in modern history and a viloation of Americans rights, safety and ethics. should be shut down by the federal trade commission but like most educated criminals they pay them off as well as the BBB with membership fees and kickbacks to look the other way..Children have died and no one CARES

Nov 04, 2016
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  • Ca
      Nov 07, 2016

    Hi Marc1980, thanks for your feedback. All of our subscriptions auto renew until set to cancel and this is clearly outlined at the time of purchase before selecting a subscription. At, we know that the process of finding the perfect caregiver is no easy task and we set out to make that experience as helpful and seamless as possible. We cannot know for certain which stage of the search/hiring process each customer is in, so we put the control in our member’s hands to inform us when they have fulfilled their caregiving needs. Safety is our number one priority due to the nature of our business and we are concerned with the allegations you mention about the caregivers you interviewed. Did you run a Background Check through our site? Can you send us an e-mail at [protected] with the names of the caregivers you interviewed with charges so our Safety Team can take a further look?

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  • Ch
      Nov 10, 2016

    Thanks for my feedback? How arrogant and disrespectful is that? has only one interest and one agenda. Thats is to keep stockholders happy on the NYSE. I have reserched this company and have foud more corruption. had zero interest in hearing my concerns ot complaints through customer service. Customer service has been told through Management and CEOS to read off boilerplate statements and accept no liability or responsibilty at any time.
    This company is the most dishonorable in modern history. Ripping off the American public one dollar at a time and decieving parents with warm fuzzy comericals that represnt a service that is more dangerous than Craigslist by providing ncorrect background checks and hiding behind policy sections.
    NO I. WILL NO. HELP YOU cover your ###. I hope you burn in hell.

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  • Cy
      Dec 12, 2016

    This response by is total BS. They automatically bill you even when you sign up for a finite subscription package and will not refund even if they can see you didn't use their service. See their Better Business Bureau profile with hundreds of consumers repeating this same complaint over many months. They could obviously address this concern any number of ways, but instead just keep pointing to the fine print in their proposals. They don't deserve your business.

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