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Good Day,

I was a prospective employee through this site for a Nanny, Caregiver, Housekeeper, and Pet Sitter positions. After a period of no activity of all my numerous applications to jobs I received a form email that I was being suspended from the site. The email stated the reason being they did a background check and found information. Mind you this information was a court case where I was never served, arrested, charged, or even requested to appear in court. The court records and their background screening service Axciom report the case was dissolved and that I was never charged with anything and again never even served or arrested!

After a long time of internet research to find an actual phone number for (unbelievable!) I spoke with their customer service rep who told me they suspend any ones account with any information on background history no matter what the circumstances are and that is their policy. This policy was also stated in their "canned" email. I could not speak with anyone else regarding this issue and had tried to reach management to further discuss this with them. Additionally management did not call me back nor respond to the email I sent them.

This is a violation of the Employment Commission; per their Title VII (paraphrasing) no company can make blanket discrimination in regards to a background check. Even though they are a caregiver site they must prove why they disqualified someone for potential employment, upon their review of the background check! They do not even take the time to even look over these reports, only just to disqualify either a potential employee or employer from their site, though this is breaking the law. Really sad for the paying customer!

In these tough economic situations so many people have had to apply to any type of job just to help feed their family. My desire is to see every person get a fair shake to find any job, especially in these times. You would think Care.Com would CARE about this devastating national unemployment and its effects on the families.

I am very interested in anyone who has experienced this same issue with them and I would ask that you please join my group.

FYI the phone number for Care.Com is [protected] :-)


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  • Mi
      14th of Oct, 2010
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    This is Mike from I am sorry for the frustrations you have experienced in using our website. is a private community that allows for families in need of help to connect with people who provide those services; is not an employer of caregivers.
    We hold the right to remove anyone in the community at anytime, for any reason. You seem to be very passionate about background checks and have commented about background check practices of other companies on ComplaintsBoard. If you were removed from our community because of a background check, you would have received a message from Acxiom, our background check provider, with information about the results and potential options. We can assure you that our background check process is completely FCRA compliant.
    We are sorry about your concern and would like you to contact us if you would like to discuss this further. Our Member Care team can be reached at (877) 227-3115, M-F 10a-7p EST. Anyone is available to request a conversation with a manager.
    Best of luck in your job search,

  • Aj
      14th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Your designation that you are not an employer is in Serious question, as you are pulling credit reports under Federal guidelines of permissible purpose for employment, and not a "Connection Service"!!! Sounds like a big Federal legal permissible purpose violation to me! and it seems that your companies business definition is a “Kay –sir-rah” manner!
    I did contact your customer service and Acxiom originally. My complaint was addressed in an inappropriate business manner with your customer service department, which was a great waste of my time. I got the ridiculous response that any notation on a national background check, whether negative or not, immediately removes them from the site. No questions asked …….final answer. (OMG!)
    I had stated to your department that Axciom’s report revealed I have NO criminal record, have Not been arrested, Not charged or even Served in this case. Axciom DID report this correctly and gave this same information to It was simply a case opened and closed by both the courts and the plaintiff. Yet just eliminates anyone instantly without regard to a valid reason. You have a mandate to investigate this, by EEOC regulations and your site states your “Mom force” also takes this responsibility. They would Not return my call nor would customer service let me even speak with them.
    I am not debating you’re compliancy of with regards to the background check. Yet I am appalled that is making blanket decisions and company policies to discriminate against anyone who like me only has a public record that is in no way negative!! You have totally misunderstood my complaint and not addressed this issue. I doubt seriously if you or anyone at would find it acceptable if a company handled yourselves in this manner.
    This is WRONG, discriminatory, and incompetent business practices to treat anyone as such, especially with our countries horrendous unemployment rate and economic demise. It is pure laziness and unprofessional not to address these issues properly and call it company policy! This is the nature of my complaint that you have not addressed!
    In the normal company customer satisfaction is of number one concern and policies are dictated regarding this standard.
    As far as your company and or customer service phone number it is NOT listed on your site………again (hint, hint).
    The many complaints on this Complaint Board consistently reveal your unethical company policies.

  • Ge
      12th of Jul, 2017
    +2 Votes

    @AJay Hi wrote this a long time ago, but I just saw it. I'm seriously considering suing and many people, by the way have done so. Can you reply to this note I just wrote you. I too, have had much trouble with and I am going to do something about it. Please contact me by replying to this. Thanks Ajay

  • An
      19th of Sep, 2017
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    @Gemini2 Hello-
    I just received an email tonight for possible suspension.
    I DID have an underage drinking charge from 2012 as a child who was just shy of 21, that should be dismissed at this point (5 years).
    I have also been a member of this site for years and have never had this issue- seems a bit out of order to me if anything.
    I believe that if the client/parent requests a background- they can and proceed to ask any additional questions if concern arises. Keep in mind this again is from 5 years ago and I am a nursing student at a religious college (with this being my only form of income currently).
    What are your thoughts? I will be calling them tomorrow to see what I can work out.
    I also just renewed my $45.00 3 month membership a couple of weeks ago.
    Does anyone know how long the suspension is or if it is permanent?

    Best of luck to anyone else having issues with Care.

  • Mi
      10th of Apr, 2012
    -2 Votes

    Totally agree with you Ajay. I'm a man in my 30's, single father of 2 kids. I'm very ill, yet have full Physical custody of my children and in need of care.

    I joined the site in attempts to get some help in my home with my kids. I was the victim of domestic violence years ago and my spouse was arrested. I had a restraining order against her. Public records show both me and her with these restraining orders, as hers was filed in retaliation. However, if one were to look at the dates, they would see mine was filed and awarded months ahead of hers. People do this in domestic situations all of the time to make themselves look better in the public eye. In my case, I am paying the price for something I did not do.

    This is reverse discrimination at it's best. Caregivers are terrible anyhow. They are mostly 18-19 years old. They come in your home and steal from you, they are out partying with their friends all the time, etc. Best to find a more reputable site with older, more mature people.


  • So
      21st of Apr, 2012
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    I have been a member of since last fall as I am a former teacher, now a grad student looking for childcare positions to supplement my income. I had not had any luck finding any jobs with them. I still was checking and keeping my mind open to working as a caregiver.
    Tonight, though, Saturday evening about 8 pm, I received this very bizarre email from saying they "We are writing to inform you that we recently received information that impacts your membership on Upon review of this information, and for safety and security reasons, we have decided to discontinue your membership. "


    I have no criminal record and I have broken no rules of Having been a teacher for 8 years before now, I've been through a couple of professional criminal back ground checks in addition to the one done by

    I find this very strange that I would get this email on a Saturday evening when the web site states they only have office hours M-F.
    It's very disconcerting to receive this strange email from them essentially saying they have something on me but not saying what it is. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what in the world they could be talking about. I've gone from asking if it's because I got a traffic ticket a year and a half ago or did someone call and make some sort of false report about me, thus slandering my reputation. ( I noticed recently that the daughter of a former friend is also trying to find nanny jobs in my town, so I even suspected that my former friend could have called to say bad things about me to get rid of some of her daughter's competition. This is how paranoid it's making me.)

    I really don't care if wants to cancel my membership. They were never that useful to me anyway, but I think if someone is accusing me of something, I deserve ( as anyone would) to know what the heck is being said about me.

    It's not the loss of the membership that has me upset, but the wording " we recently received information that impacts your membership on Upon review of this information, and for safety and security reasons, we have decided to discontinue your membership" is VERY upsetting. What in the world are they talking about?

    I've read a lot of the complaints above and I'm thinking I probably will never know exactly what it is they are accusing me of.

    Has anyone else ever received this kind of strange email from

  • Kr
      26th of Jul, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Hi soleil2020, I am a Member care representative from I do apologize for your experience on our site. As a member-based, online community we do reserve the right to terminate accounts for any reason or no reason. We do have a list of common reasons why an account would be removed, and that’s located on our website. Due to our privacy policy, we cannot release specific details as to why a specific account has been closed. I do apologize for your experience and we appreciate your understanding. We wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • Ra
      6th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Did you delete all of the collected data, including name, address? What is the evidence that you did erase all personal information? It is a pathetic web site. Get a life.

  • Ra
      6th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    This is the worst company so far I registered and then within a day my account terminated with no specific reason.

    I would request everyone to abandon this company. They got my personal information. I suspect this unethical company would use my personal information for their own interest.

  • Cv
      1st of Sep, 2012
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    I am highly upset with I merely wanted to write a review at the web site for my friend who was seeking a spostion as a child care provider. In order to do so, my friend asked that I become a member of, which I was very hesitant about doing due to her negative experiences with the company (and mine also because of her involvement with them). I went ahead and did it anyway just to help her out, then discovered that I had to become a paying member in order to write a review for her. I was not about to give any of my credit card information, so I could not do this for her. Anyway, I had to pose as someone looking for some type of caregiver and I made it quite clear to through emails that I was not interested in finding anyone to hire for child care or a pet sitter--I merely wanted to help out my friend. I was shocked this evening to find out that they ran a background check on me without my permission. My background contains some very personal information that is very confidential to me due to a one-time incident that involved misdemeanor charges against me. Without my permission or knowledge, they did this to me and I merely was trying to help out my friend by writing a review for her. I did not think that background checks can be performed without consent.

  • Ti
      9th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    I received a similar email from them today 9-9-12, 2:30pm also on a Sunday, [weekend-they are supposed to be closed, I know I called them immediately]. I referred to their site but can find no information on common reasons why they can close your account, only that they can-FOR ANY REASON AND AT ANY TIME!
    In order to attend my C.N.A school I had to get a state background check, which I did and I paid $25.00 to the state office. Then I applied for a grant and in order to receive that they ran a national background check on me. I had letters from some well known physicians recommending me for this program. All of these checks were clean and proper, my code of ethics is beyond reproach . Otherwise, I would not have been given the much sought after government grant nor allowed to attend school. I stated my background check status information in my profile. Thus "cheating" out of a fee from me, I would NOT have to pay them for another background check. Nor would any potential employer need to pay an additional fee to them. I have a copy of my state background check. Plus my counselor gave me a copy of my national background check. Neither of them are over three months old.
    I had planned to do some part time senior care while I pursued more involved medical training. I thought that would be a good potential employment connection. I was incorrect! It seems that everyone wants money and offers little or no service without it. I guess that really does NOT offer a basic membership. You have to pay them one way or another.
    I find this whole thing insulting and degrading. I have actually referred some of my friends to this site as potential employees. Plus, Care now has allot of my personal and private information, my likes and dislikes and so forth.
    I know better now. Maybe you will not make the same mistakes, avoid may be other like companies who prey on the public so be very careful.

  • Ai
      21st of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    I'm very upset because, this inc site should be closed down. They treat people disrespectful, ugly, unkind, they are unprofessional, immature, liers. Make excuses for their wrong behaviour. Tells the people that this is their policy to terminate or close their files without notice. Or without any reason. Then these women say it's the law in MA to close or terminate, your membership from their site. That's a lame excuse to treat people. Ugly. All 14 people need to have the site closed down for good.Aison

  • Ti
      24th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    I concur.

  • An
      11th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes's phone number is found on their website under the Help tab. I called them to cancel my membership and the guy I got was very friendly and helpful.

  • Kr
      14th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi C.V. Miles, I am a member care representative from I do apologize for the experience you had with using our service. Upon enrollment and as per our Terms of Use, all potential members agree to a verification check that may be run with the information that is given when signing up. This information is completely private, and is in no way made public to other members of the service. Unfortunately if there is anything pulled up, the account automatically goes into suspension and cannot be utilized any further. I understand the intention was to help out a friend and not to utilize the actual service, so I do apologize that you were not able to do so.

  • Kr
      14th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi tinktink9893, I am a member care representative from There are a number of reasons why we would remove an account from the service, but these reasons are not specifically listed in our Terms of Use for privacy and security reasons.
    Having a background check outside of the site does not affect your membership or your use of the service. It is a feature that we offer through the site, but it is optional and we do not require it. The free membership for a care provider allows you to have a profile and apply to jobs through the service. You also have the ability to correspond with families through the site, and utilize other features such as adding references, reviews and a picture if you wish to do so. The information you list on the site is kept completely private, and your account can be closed at any time if you do not wish for it to be on the site. I do apologize for your experience, but hope that this helps to clarify.

  • Ch
      21st of Nov, 2012
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    I had the a similar experience as well. I transferred colleges so my email address that I had used with was deleted because it was my school email. Now, sixth months later and at a new college, I try and log into to find a job. It comes up with an error every time I try to log in so I emailed their help site. I received an email back saying my account had been suspended because a background check was performed. I have never had any legal trouble, I'm only 19 years old and have no idea what they could possibly
    be referring to. I asked to have the email forwarded to an email address that actually exists so I could read it and I never got a reply. I am dying to know what the heck they could have found because honestly I have nothing that could ruin a background check.

  • Mm
      6th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Okay so this company, that I signed up with... turns out they are a SCAM! Please do not use them. They run bogus background checks to try and get you to pay money for a more thorough background check! Mine came up that I am a Africian American women living in IL???? I've had other background checks done and NOTHING like that ever came up! BEWARE people and stay away from this company!

  • Ti
      13th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I recently had a reply from Kristen Schlemmer [you can read above], it had the flavor of some type of double talking gibberish. You know the kind that only a schmuck or a schlemiel would understand. I believe that their very survival lies in the naivete of each of their applicants. But here in lies the jest, it would seem that their predatory methods do not work, as even the naive achieve worldly understanding.
    Everyone must remember that CARE.COM has a hold harmless clause that you are FORCED to sign before you use their site and this is how they get around any controversy or legal actions. But if a legal remedy is found to assist their unhappy clients NO ONE will be subjected to their questionable methods.
    But the world wide web is a wonderful media where you can express your views and opinions. However, it is just a shame that each of us did not find this site before subjecting our private information into their [CARE.COM] hands.
    But why lower yourself to their level? I now accept them as they are and as you as a group have stated so very frequently.Their actions are in fact beyond understanding and comprehension. And to quote a phrase that my mother so often used, "Their organization has the smell of 3 day old trout."

  • Aw
      5th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    Other nanny job sites require a social security number from their nannies. Not CARE.COM! It's the "honor" system there. So they're infested with illegal workers. Families know this and offer $5/hr. with a wink. What a sham organization. They should be investigated by the U.S. Labor Dept.

  • Em
      18th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @aweropaweir Not true! SS# is required!

  • Ca
      25th of Jun, 2013
    +2 Votes

    Oh my goodness! I am experiencing the same things with Willing ran a background check and had one thing on it from 10 years ago and now my account is suspended. I want to delete the account and just be done with it, but I am unable to. But even this is ludicrous because I can still apply to job and it says i can share my report with members. I just want to delete the profile. I hate the idea of someone seeing it and thinking that I did some heinous crime!

    If they do delete accounts how long does it take? I emailed because I could not find number, but have yet to hear back from them.

  • Ch
      19th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes - recurring charges with no notice, Inc.
    United States

    I have signed up for premium membership in September 2011. Apparently, somewhere on the website the fine print says that you'll be billed continuously on the monthly basis until you downgrade the membership. I have not noticed that and have been billed by for almost two years now with no notifications or statements whatsoever. My mistake was using the credit card that is rarely used otherwise and being overwhelmed by a suicide in a family at the time, hence is the need for a nanny and negligence to check the credit card charges.

    However, regardless of my failure to monitor family finances, is an unethical and immoral company. Clearly, their system is set up to make revenue dishonestly, taking advantage of people instead of fairly charging customers for the services they use. Respectable companies ALWAYS notify their customers of recurring charges. doesn't care about reputation or customer loyalty.

    There are dozens better and safer ways to find a babysitter. charged me $700 for using NONE of their services in the past 22 months. They didn't respond to my email either. Please don't contribute to this scam and don't let such shameful practices proliferate.

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