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Waltham, MA, United States
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Phone: Unknown - not on their site

I had the need for a pet sitter. I posted it on this site, and someone responded. We had a nice ongoing email and phone conversations and I will use her. My complaint is not about her. My complaint is with

I noticed that if I were a premium member, then I could get background checks. While I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself, since I'm busy I thought I'd just get it through the site and joined as premium member. I immediately looked at the site and found that the 'background' check wasn't available and that any background check would require an additional $79 +++. I realized I'd been 'had' by the site and their lame 'benefits'. Within 10 minutes of my buying the premium membership, I emailed telling them to void the charge and explaining why. They didn't have a phone number listed.

I received a canned message that essentially said "We'll get around to it shortly" . 12 hours later I get another canned response, stating that I'd used the site and that there would be no refund. Well, DUH, I had to use the site to try to find out about them and to find that what they offered wasn't' really there. Then they said that I'd communicated with the woman who is doing the pet sitting. Well, again, DUH, I communicated with her PRIOR to this membership scam of theirs.

One of their canned emails said they could give 'no further' refunds, when in fact, they have given NO refund. It also stated I'd contacted several of their providers, which is not true. It appears they have so many fraud complaints going that they don't even bother to respond personally, and just send canned 'you're screwed' emails.

I'eve disputed with AMX, took screen shots of their site, and have the emails they sent. I know there will be no problem with AMX but I hoped to warn others. I usually type in a company name with 'complaint, fraud or scam' and I didn't on this one. That's my fault and lesson learned.

I feel they're scamming their providers as well as the end users of their services. What is most amazing is that these crooks post syrupy responses here and elsewhere, but do you ever see them offering to make it right? Do you ever hear of a refund for their unsavory practices. Nope! As another poster stated, in the search engine window, type fraud. Lots to see!

Never buy their 'services' since you get nothing extra except a massive headache

Aug 29, 2014

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