SUBMIT A COMPLAINT promotes abuse Promotes Abuse: My wife, Barb, is an incredibly gifted nanny as can be attested by the parents of local Swedesboro & Mullica Hill NJ children who literally hold her legs to prevent her from going home home each evening. She learned compassion and patience early on through our permanently disabled son - crippled by Cerebral Palsy at birth. The many hours she spent cultivating child education proved fruitful through three siblings that garnered top educational honors (one is in his 3rd year at MIT, another at St Joes, and the youngest recently accepted into top engineering colleges around the country).

In the beginning of 2014, Barb worked for a Mullica Hill mother who was so abusive to Barb and all who serviced her home (e.g. home builder, landscape contractor, electrical contractor, painter, etc.) that Barb would come home in tears almost daily under her employ. After a couple months, Barb could no longer tolerate her abuse and gave her notice. That woman was so vindictive that she trashed Barb's reputation on and with no chance to defend against allegations, Barb's work profile was immediately terminated from that major job resource without a venue to defend herself.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mullica Hill, NJ Barb never quit a job in her life and that work ethic, aside from the baby's well-being, drove Barb's attempts to modify the behavior of a narcissistic mother who could prove a challenge to Freud himself were he alive today.

In conclusion, maintains a pay-to-play subscription model that indirectly allows unethical individuals such as this Mullica Hill woman/employer to conjure 'God knows what' to destroy the reputation of hard working individuals who, I might add, are not provided a process to defend themselves (e.g. employers who pay the subscription fees are given unbridled autonomy to destroy the livelihood of whomever they please).

We remain hopeful that an astute law firm will take up this cause to force to amend their one-sided termination policy. At the very least, and without mentioning names, should do a quick search on Mullica Hill mother-employers who have drawn an inordinate number of complaints. Guaranteed that one name will stand out amongst all others and that her profile will warrant further investigation. Subsequently, the nanny profiles that this deranged individual has so callously destroyed should be immediately reinstated.

I welcome comments from the nannies who have been displaced by the above Mullica Hill mother/employer. The mere fact that I need not mention her name should reassure those affected that together, we can legally put a stop to her unscrupulous behavior. In the mean time, let's hope fixes the gaping hole in their business model.

Feb 01, 2015

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